Recoil Winders – Review

Recoil Winders – Review

Recoil Winders – Review Capture

In life you will normally find yourself with three sets of cables, charger, USB and headphones. These three will be with you forever, and always have to be stored, I am the kind of person to wrap them around themselves, stick’em in a corner and forget about them. But there is a better way, a simpler way and a cooler way, enter Recoil Winders. These little things allow you to wind your cables and then take them out with ease, all while looking good at the same time.


For this review I was very kindly sent  the “Recoil Winders Combo Pack” which contains One large, one medium and one small Recoil Winder and also a storage rack, which they clip into. The idea of winding cables is not brand new, there have been several products out there that work on the winder principle. Some that simply provide a base to wrap your cord around, while others with gears and a handle that allow you to spin them into place. What I really love about Recoil Winders is the fact that they are automatic. They work on a spring-loaded central spindle that hooks onto your cords and wraps them up almost instantly.


After using them on my chargers, usb cables and some sets of headphones, I really can’t imagine not having them. They offer two major advantages, one being the speed they wind up, my long charging cable was done in under 2 seconds, and the second being that they are the best way to protect your cables.  If chucked in your bag, they are protected from getting tangled.

Here is a video demo from Recoil Winders themselves:

I would definitely recommend getting these, they are great to have by your desk or for traveling. But please read up on the best practice for using them, the cord has to be folded in the middle and then looped round. The size difference is a key point, as the sizes are optimized for certain lengths and diameters of cords. A cord that is too heavy or thick may not wind well in the smaller winder, nor will a teeny earphone cable wind well in a large winder.

I would probably recommend the large winder for game controllers and plugs, the medium winder for USB cords, and I believe the small winder would be best for headphones. Another point to make would be get more then one, as soon as you use one, you want to use another.

Grab Recoil Winders below:



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