Review: BYBLight Rechargeable, Cree T6 LED Flashlight

Over the next few months we plan on taking a look at a few types of light-emitting diode (LED) flashlights that can be purchased on a budget. Who doesn’t like LED’s or flashlights? Combine the 2 you often have a very useful product. Myself for example, I always have one in my commuter work car, my Jeep, the wife’s mini van, and various locations throughout the house. All of which are budget friendly and get the job done on a weekly basis.

Today’s torch is a BYBLight rechargeable handheld flashlight, equipped with a Cree T6 LED.


Package included: Flashlight, 18650 Battery, and AC wall charger


I was happy to see a charger was included. It has already come in handy, using it to charge another one of my other 18650 batteries from another light, which did not come with a charger, that happen to die during a recent weekend camping trip. The charger itself plugs into the standard AC outlet in your home and looks to be able to accommodate various sized rechargeable batteries, based on it spring loaded lower connection.

The Li-ion 18650 2200mah 3.7V battery which is rated at approximately 100,000 hours, sits comfortably in the charger with ease. Although, once connected to the charger, if not positioned just right, the battery tends to want to escape and pop right out of the charger. That’s a minimal annoyance that I can look past.


The product stock image states that it is “waterproof” (the title of the product page when purchased claimed “water-resistant”), showing and calling out a gasket on both ends, which when unscrewed gives access to the battery. I’ve not tested it’s waterproof-ness, only it’s splashproof-ness. It does seem to seal very well, turns smoothly and evenly down to the gasket allowing for a tight snug fit. I’d be confident using the BYBLight on and around the water, as opposed to one of my other budget LED flashlights that had claimed “waterproof” when I initially purchased them. Not a chance!

The aluminium housing design is comfortable to hold, allowing for a good grip, and the perfect size to be portable, without being too small, not providing enough light, nor too big, making it cumbersome to pull out in an emergency. I do wish it would’ve came with a holster, or at the least a belt clip. It’s solid, but also light weight, being made from aluminium. Speaking of emergencies, the light offers 5 modes as follows: High/Medium/Low/Strobe/SOS. The beam is not adjustable as you’ll find in some other LED flashlights. This, I do miss. Being able to zero in on a spot is a nice feature of any torch. This BYBLight is well equipped however with a large diameter beam, covering a larger area with glorious light. Also including a much smaller, and brighter center beam at the same time. In all the product claims a max output of 1000 lumens. Considering lumens, I hope in the future, as I take a closer look at the light output, to be able to find a decent light meter to confirm lumens. The search commences!


Overall I’d say this torch is built well. It’s plenty bright for basically anything you would personally need it for. I would buy this light to take the place of some of the others I own. The price doesn’t break the bank, and it’s quality and design gives you more than what you pay for.


Exploded view – Product feature breakdown

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