Review: BYBLight Stick-on Motion Sensor LED Light

Today I’ve got a small closet/cabinet ready motion sensor LED light that can be used virtually anywhere when a bit more lighting is required. Sometimes you’ll have to stick your head in the food pantry for that midnight snack, or possibly a trunk full of small boxes that was once held a fancy piece of tech, or a closet filled with photo albums on shelves completely unorganized, or, in my case, my wife’s dark nook that is home to her sewing machine.

Whats in the box!

Whats in the box!

When you open the plain cardboard box (not shown) this little gem comes in above you see the following items:

  • Motion sensor light
  • USB charging cable
  • Base plate
  • 3M adhesive tape
  • 2x screws
  • Informational paperwork


Within the motion sensor light itself you’ll find 6 LED’s putting out 80 lumens up to 55,000 hours. Powering these little lights is a non-removable 3.7V 600mah Lithium Ion battery that can be charged via the included USB to Micro-USB charging cable. Which, if set to “Auto” (motion detection) could last up to 2 months without a charge. Made from plastic, this device is simply designed, and easy to set up, assemble, and use. There are 2 options for attaching the light to a surface; Mounting the back plate by way of the 2 screws or the adhesive tape that are both included. For my application I used the tape and it’s been about 2 weeks and it’s still holding strong. Taking a closer look at the screws, they would probably hold fine in wood, but I’d worry about in drywall, if placed in a high traffic area, or if you’ll be popping off the light from the very convenient snap-on base plate regularly. The screws just seem too short and may not hold long in a drywall material. The light is small, measuring, 5.9″ tall x 1.2″ wide x 0.6″ thick (banana for scale). You have 3 options: off/on/auto, which all work as they should.

My wife found the motion sensor very helpful when she’d head over and sit down at her sewing machine. I’ve also found myself stumbling upon other locations around the house this BYBlight Stick-on Anywhere Motion Sensor LED Night Light could come in very handy! All-in-all, this is a decent little light, perfect for those places that lurk in the shadows, staying away from the light. Brighten up that area with this little guy!
IMG_20160221_095839 IMG_20160221_095054



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