Review: Dudios Free Mini Earbuds Touch-Controlled and Wireless

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Today I’ve got a set of wireless earbuds from Dudios to take a look at. I’ve had these in my possession for a few weeks now. To start i’ll say that wireless earbuds are great for on the go. They are usually compact, and fit nicely in any tech bag as you run around town. These Dudios earbuds are no exception.

Form & Fit

These wireless earbuds are nicely packaged in a chargeable pill shaped case. They’ll easily slip into any purse, bag, or pocket, taking up very little room. They are IPX5 which makes them sweat proof and a great option for the gym are taking a jog. I personally usually have issues with earbuds staying in my ears, but these fit well for the most part. I would have loved to see them include ear adapters that have hooks, as that would have been a bit more secure in my case. Overall the fit and feel of the earbuds was nice and comfortable.


These earbuds offer touch controls, meaning there are no physical buttons. This proved to be a bit of a hassle for me at first, because the location of the touch controls seem to interfere with me putting them in my ears. They would beep, or turn on/off if I held my finger in the wrong spot while putting them in. Although, I did finally figure out the best way to handle them.

The sounds offered from these was just ok. In my experience with budget wireless earbuds of this style, they are usually lacking in the quality of sound whether it be the highs, lows or both in comparison to other earbuds that are connected and offer more opportunity for hardware to improve the sounds. This particular pair was lacking in a crisp clear sound that I’ve found in other earbuds that are wired. I wanted more bass, from them, and a more balanced sound that would compliment the music i was listening to. They just didn’t hold up to my current budget friendly, daily wired bluetooth earbuds.

The device charges quickly with its charging case, and offers 15 hours of play time, with use of the case as needed. Utilizing Bluetooth 5.0 these earbuds connects quickly and stay connected. The integrated microphone allows for answering of calls and quality stereo voice receiving.


Overall I’ll say these are a good option for the active user, on the go. The less than adequate sound quality is a big factor for me. Though, they are very compact and portable, and won’t get in the way or be a burden when packing your back for a day out of the house. If these look like an option for you give them a try at the link in the header for $34.


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  1. Hi adam, nice review. I’m just wondering if you could go into a bit more depth about what exactly you didn’t like about the sound quality? Thanks!

    • Hey Sammy. The sound clarity wasn’t as crisp as i would’ve hoped. It could be a combination of the BT and quality of the product. The bass wasn’t very pronounced, throughout various tunes. Comparing it to my daily wired bt, Soundpeats earbuds, i notice the loss in sound quality. I am by no means an audiophile. But I do try to give my honest opinion on audio quality as it pertains to the budget level of headphones or earbuds. Thanks!

  2. Thanks, Adam.


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