Review: Fourza


In our latest charging solution review, we take a look at the Fourza by GELID Solutions


We all have a collection of different devices that we use in everyday life. I know personally I like to swap between a few phones, my home tablet for playing games on, my other tablet for casting YouTube content, my wife has two phones, the kids have tablets, control pads, my vaping mods. The struggle is most definitely real because they all need charged and most of the times a few at the same time. GELID reached out to us to review their brand new (no reviews anywhere else online) charging solution, the Fourza. (Not to be mistaken for a popular racing game on Xbox.)

As is the usual procedure here, I’ve spent over two weeks using only this product for my charging needs and I’ll share my experience with our readers. The Fourza is so new there isn’t a specific retail price yet in the various markets that the charger will sell. We’ll be back ASAP when we have the official announcement to update with the pricing and availability. My guess would be around £35 GBP in the UK. CONFIRMED PRICE ON AMAZON US IS $39.99  &

Modern looks in the product’s design, the Fourza would certainly look great in any home, work desk, bedroom or wherever you happen to charge your devices. A low profile with straight black lines and a green trim wouldn’t look garish or out of place, we’d say.

The four slots are at a slight angle so your device doesn’t sit exactly vertical. The company included some grip strips in case you have a really slippy device. (I still remember you fondly Nexus 4,) included also are 4 USB in black which are around 100mm in length. I know we all have micro USB cables lying around or in a drawer but keeping them all black and a short length really looks great on the sideboard or display.

unboxed fourza

Technical Specs

  • Active Mode Efficiency: 87%
  • Dimensions (l)x(w)x(h) (mm): 190x120x53
  • Idle Power Consumption (W): 0.06
  • Max Output Current (A): 2.4 per Port
  • Number of USB Ports: 4
  • Power Output (W): 48 (total)
  • Weight (gram): 430

Every tablet or phone I’ve charged fitted in the slots, any readers that use those wallet style covers might have to remove the case first. Hey, this is a great little product, it’s charged everything I’ve set on it at a reasonable rate, it looks modern and cool on the counter. Would I recommend readers to buy the Fourza? You bet, but, it’s so new you can’t just yet. We will update likely with Amazon US, Amazon UK links ASAP. SEE FEATURED IMAGE



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