Review: GripSnap The Flexible Magnetic Stand

Review: GripSnap The Flexible Magnetic Stand

One question has plagued me since the creation of the selfie stick, “What if I want to do jazz hands, when taking a photo?”. Its a big important question, as selfie sticks always take up an arm and a hand. This is what gravitated me towards GripSnap. GripSnap is a portable, flexible monopod designed for GoPros and smartphones. Sounds normal enough, but it also comes with a magnetic base!

Bottle Rocket Labs successfully funded their production of the GripSnap on a little site called Kickstarter. Generating funds up to $23,000 after having a goal of only $16,000.


Packaging for the GripSnap is simple and to the point. Inside you get the GripSnap itself and two attachments, one for your smartphone and one for your Go-Pro. It can be used straight out of the box and that’s exactly what I did.

Due to the strong magnet at its base, the GripSnap can be used virtually anywhere with a metallic surface to grip to. This offers a huge advantage over a traditional tripod, allowing it to get into positions and places where normally a tripod couldn’t. It’s a great little gadget and definitely worth adding to my action cam kit.

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I tested the GoPro attachment with my Drift Stealth 2, it worked perfectly and attached with no problems. The mobile attachment I tested with a mirriad of devices, including my S6 Edge, Note 4 and HTC M9, I was hugely impressed when it fitted around the Note 4. The mobile/camera cradles can be removed, this then allows you to attach a DSLR directly to the GripSnap.


  • Contains a neodymium magnet in a plastic casing to protect surfaces, like your car.
  • Magnetic base can take up to 5 lbs of weight, so it can carry some DSLR cameras or the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera.
  • Is portable and can be folded to fit in your pocket or backpack
  • Allows photos and videos to be shot from any available metal surface.
  • Camera cradle can hold smartphones of all shapes and sizes and is removable for attaching DSLRs or similar cameras.




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Overall I am really impressed with the GripSnap. It makes filming and taking photos a lot easier, it also offers a whole new set of places your camera or phone can be placed. The magnet is incredibly strong as well, so the whole monopod is incredibly stable. Check it out below:



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