Review: Kinzd Minimalist RFID Blocking Wallet

I’ve never been one to carry around a very thick wallet. The thinner the wallet the better in my opinion, and my sciatic nerve thanks me for it! Truthfully, I thought the bifold I carried prior this Kinzd wallet was minimalist enough to not ever have to move to another style. Well, I was wrong. This wallet is super thin, lightweight, convenient, and RFID Blocking.

If you carry a lot of cash, this may not be the most ideal option, as it’s thin and has no money clip. You can however squeeze in a few folded cnotes into the “cash slot” where my driver license is held in the photo. The point of this wallet though, is to minimize your carry, amirite? So when I unboxed this Kinzd wallet, I made the decision to leave a few items at home that got very little use. This put me down to 6 various card, including my driver’s license, which turned out to be perfect in my case for the last 3 weeks of use.

The coolest feature is the pull tab on the side (see center photo). I love it! You slide all you want in there, nice and snug, hidden from sight. Just grab the little pull tab and out pops all your cards for quick access. One feature I would love to see on a future version, is a snap that can be fastened to ensure that everything remains intact and in the wallet if it flies off the roof of your car, because you forgot it was up there and took off down the road at 40mph. True story. This happened to me over the weekend, and I spent an hour searching the road for all my cards and wallet. Fortunately, I recovered them all!

The Napa genuine leather material will stretch slightly with use, so if you plan to pack it full with cards and cash, go for it. With a little wear it’ll be perfect. Note however, if you choose to downsize what you carry with this wallet later on, items inside may turn out to be a little loose if it’s been stretched out previously. Hence, my hope for a snap strap in the future. My conclusion is, I do love this wallet and will continue to use it and would recommend it to anyone looking for a minimalist wallet.

IMG_20160907_095939 IMG_20160907_100024 IMG_20160907_095951



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    Yes, if you choose to downsize what you carry with this wallet later on, items inside may turn out to be a little loose if it’s been stretched out previously. Because genuine leather has ductility.

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