Review: Koopower’s screwdriver set

 Most of what I review here are related to smartphones. Smartphones and tablets have been a hobby of mine for several years now, so I’m good with that. Every so often though, I get to try something that’s a bit out of my comfort zone though. Koopower has sent me a screwdriver set to try out, and overall I thnk it’s a decent value prop. It is geared towards those who would use a screwdriver set on electronics. So, if you’re inclined to monkey with your phone, desktop PC, video game console, and other similar items, this is the screwdriver set that you may be interested in.
  The unit itself is stylized largely in blue and black, with the attachments being a chrome color. The entire set is comprised of the screwdriver base/handle with an extension that resides inside, a flexible extension that can be attached, 54 different, magnetic attachments of various shapes and sizes, as well as a converter that allows the different attachments to be used on other wrenches. All of this is contained in a hard plastic case that’s black with a clear cover. Everything is organized, and neatly compacted inside, with the attachments resting inside rubber casings that hold six per, and have icons on the outside, to help illustrate the size and shape of the individual attachment. The case is right around the same size as other sets that I’ve seen. A cloth for keeping it pristine is part of the set, but its inclusion struck me as extraneous.
  As for performance, it was fairly straightforward. To use an attachment, one simply places it inside the head, and it’s held in place magnetically.  For added length, the head can be extended, by sliding back on a locking mechanism, drops that head into place, and release head to snap back into place, locking the extendor in place, at a longer length (adding perhaps 50% to the length). The flex extendor (which can allow use in situations where the handle is too long) fits into the head, is held in place by the magnet, and is as long as the screwdriver handle. At my son’s birthday party recently, I was able to test it out on a couple of different toys. I had to remove the doors on battery bases, and frequently found that the tiny screws in the toys were the same size as what do screwdriver would be designed to handle. And all the usage of the screwdriver, I never once saw any of the attachments come loose and fall out. The magnetism held the agtachments in place aptly.
  In short, this is definitely a useful screw driver set. As stated at the outset, massage in selection of the attachments are geared towards smaller, and sometimes obscure screwtypes. This isn’t the type of screwdriver set that you will find useful for home or car maintenance, as an example. So if this specific use case is something you’re looking for, that I think you will find you use out of it. Thus, I’m scoring this a 9.5. Other than including an unneccesary cloth that witholding could perhaps reduce the cost, I have no other critiques to offer.
So if you’re looking for a screwdriver set I would definitely consider this set or some other highly rated ones out there


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