Review: M4 Earphones for Musicians

Review: M4 Earphones for Musicians

I love scanning Kickstarter and Indiegogo to see what tech is coming out soon, especially the ones that really smash their goal. New company ADV.Sound was one of those stories originally asking for a small amount of 7k to bring their budget musician inspired headphones to the masses. They surpassed their goal by almost £50,000, which shows the love people had for their idea. The M4 earphones are designed for musicians but at £39.99 aren’t going to break the bank.


Unlike other in-ear headphones I have used the ends of the M4’s are a bit longer, which when used with some good buds are incredibly comfortable and fit in nice and tightly. They are made from aluminium which gives them an overall light weight and looks wicked when in the wild.


One thing that really blew me away was the cable on the M4! This cable feels like a lot of time and energy went into research and from all that time came this tight, flexible, tangle free quad braid design. I really want to praise the designers, as for a budget pair of headphones they could of saved on this design, but they went full balls to wall with it. The braided design, in combination with a longer then average length makes these a really robust set of earphones.


The M4 earphones really impressed me with their sound quality. They rise above anything else in the same price range, listening to rock, metal, and pop I was blown away by its impressive bass, crisp vocals and treble. I find these are gonna be more aimed for the “younger” generation, which as the price range suggests are their demographic. Live performances really pop on these, and you can pick out individual instruments, as well as the vocals shooting through the music.

I found the M4 earphones one of the best budget earphones on the market at the moment. Their great design, and dedication to the look and feel, makes these overall a great set of earphones.



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  1. These look awesome…. And very reasonably priced!

  2. I bought the M4 3 months ago on kickstarter… what a mess! Not happy at all to be quite frank… bad build quality and huge distortions whilst playback with my Fiio X3 digital audio player.
    Nice review anyway Droidhorizon!

  3. These are the best earphones I’ve ever owned.
    I’ve also bought them for my friends and they are super happy with it.
    The sound signature is with a flat response with lil v-shape and allowed me to have so many details that I’m overwhelmed with Joy.
    You don’t have to make the typical mistake to mess up with the seal. That’s why they come with many size ear tips including also original Comply Foam!!!!
    It’s a bargain.


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