Review : Penclic Nicetouch T2


Hey, guys, I have a product review for you today and it’s the pencil nicetouch T2.

What is the penclic nice touch T2 I hear you ask, well it’s a trackpad, very similar to what you find on modern day laptops, however the nicetouch is ergonomically shaped to take the aches and pains out of mouse work on your computer,  below is what the makers say about its design on their website.

“Penclic NiceTouch is an easy to use touchpad and hand rest combination. It’s designed to be the perfect partner to the small and sleek Penclic Mini Keyboard. Penclic NiceTouch provides high-end functionality together with an ergonomic working position where the hand rests easily on the soft surface. The NiceTouch touchpad combined with smart Scandinavian design brings you comfort and efficiency while you work. It is modern keyboard technology and simplicity at its best.

Penclic NiceTouch features the intuitive touchpad, Quiet-Touch keys and a distinctive scrolling ability. The key to a healthy working position is a variety in body movement and a centered working position for your hands and arms which reduces and prevents pain problems like RSI. It is the comfortable hand rest, the touchpad and the scroll wheel combination that gives you that great centered working position”

                     quoted from penclic’s website

But is it these things?




After using the nicetouch I honestly felt more uneasy about using my computer, this, however, may be due to the fact I have been using a standard PC mouse since the age of 6, they do say it is the perfect partner for their mini keyboard but because of it’s USB connection it can be used without as you can see from the image I used it with my trusty board and placed it in the position recommended, I have given it since just before Christmas 2015, for me it took up space and didn’t do anything my mouse does already and for me personally I didn’t feel any benefit but this could be a short term thing and after longer use I may have felt the benefits of an ergonomic trackpad.


IMG_20160212_143739 In the box you get everything you need to get going and its simple plug and play its a doddle to set up, you, of course, get the nicetouch device and a 210mm USB extension, a tech spec sheet ( for you stat buffs out there ) and a quick set up guide with a little guide to its usage.

Ok, let’s get down to it the difficult parts of any review, the verdict.

Honestly, I found it a bit ahead of its time and it will appeal to quite a few of you but for me it’s not on my wish list, it’s beautifully designed and super thin at 285mm, however, many modern mice do exactly what this is designed for and in many cases the mice are ergonomically designed to and just fit into the workplace and/or home.

But go and check their site out guys using the link below and judge for yourself, comment below your thoughts on the penclic nicetouch T2, are you an ergonomic fanboy? will you buy this now that you know it exists?

penclic’s website- click here

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  • beautiful design
  • ergonomically designed


  • it looks like the lower half of a laptop keyboard for your desktop
  • difficult to get used to


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