Review: Syllable D900 Mini Truly Wireless Sweatproof Earbuds


Completely wireless earbuds. I’ve always wanted to try this form factor, as I’ve been using bluetooth headphones for a while now. It’s time for everyone to give up on the wired headphones. But that’s none of my business. I’m not sure if the perfect pair are out there, but I’m definitely willing to give these Syllable D900’s a couple weeks of my time.

My work week consists of sitting in front of three monitors, clicking between windows, doing what I do 40 hours a week. Google Play Music in my ears is the only way that 40 hours, doesn’t feel like 120. So I’m happy to have the the chance to check out these “Truly Wireless” earbuds.


They arrived in a simple box with minimal information inked onto it. All contents packed into this small box can be found in the photo below. Upon opening, I pulled out an instruction manual, quality control stamp, USB/MicroUSB charging cable, additional earbud sizes, a wireless charging box, and a small travel bag.

I plugged in the charging box to fully charge the cube before taking the earbuds for a spin. There are four blue LED light that progressively blink until the charging box has a full charge. All the while, the box is charging the earbud, showing a light on both left and right so as to know when they are fully charged. Opening the charging box (which will only charge the earbuds when the lid is closed) I pull out the two earbuds, each labeled left and right. I pop them in. Following the instruction, I turn on the left one with a long press of the large single logo marked button, and it immediately connects with my phone. Then pressing the right earbud for a couple seconds it, without hesitation connects to the left for full sound. A couple varied beeps will confirm connection between phone and earbud, and earbud to earbud.


Full Package Contents


Disclaimer: I’m no audiophile, but I listen to music regularly, and know what I personally consider good sound.

Out of the box, I’m happy with the audio quality. The sound is clear and crisp, the bass is there. Using Google Play Music’s equalizer I was able to improve on the quality of sound even more. The noise-cancelling is nice. I went through various genre’s of music, all sounded well, and much better than my current Moto S10-HD’s. A downside to the earbud is they are so small that I’m guessing they just couldn’t find any room in the design for volume control. That, I wasn’t too happy about, but I got over it.

One issue I came across was earbud to earbud connectivity. The right earbud occasionally disconnects from the left, which is the main earbud. Throughout an 8 hour day of work it would disconnect maybe twice, but would automatically resume, so no action on my part was needed. It got a bit annoying, and hopefully this will be resolved in future iterations of the device. I did not test out the phone call quality, but there is a mic for those who take called often with a bluetooth headset.


Bluetooth connectivity is pretty impressive. I could walk 30 to even 40 feet away from my phone and remain connected within my open office space. That was very refreshing, being able to have that freedom. So many of these budget bluetooth devices claim to at least a 30 foot range, but very rarely deliver in my experience. Bluetooth was implemented very well in this device.


The product notes a 2 hour battery life, and attributed that to the small compact size of the earbuds. I however, am getting a consistent 3-3.5 hours of play time out of them, which I’m fine with based on the compact size. On a fully charged charging box, the earbuds can be re-charged up to 6 times. These battery results are perfectly acceptable for my use case. Although, may not be suitable for someone who needs much more wireless time.


I’m very happy with the device overall. I would recommend them to anyone looking for portable and wireless. They are a good light weight, sweatproof option for those of you that are active. Just as long as you keep that workout within the allotted battery life. For the office worker they will be a great option if you’re moving around the office and need that little extra bluetooth range and can keep the charging box in reach when the earbuds need a re-charge to get you through the rest of the day. The price, at under $50 on Amazon they are well worth a shot.




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