Review: thingCHARGER Charging all the things

Most households now-a-days have multiple devices, connected to multiple charger. It’s always nice to find a charging solution that can reduce the number of charging cables you might have laying around plugged into outlets in the home. I’ve been trying thingCHARGER throughout my home over the last couple weeks. Currently it’s plugged it into an outlet on my kitchen counter keeping it higher, making it easier to charge and access my phone as it sits atop thingCHARGER using the Micro USB tip included. This model I’m reviewing also included an Apple Lightning tip which I tried out, and worked just as well. Charging in this manner deletes cables from laying around on my counter taking up valuable eating, cooking and homework space. Plus, this product does not take up the 2 very important outlets that are home to my toaster and coffee maker right now. So you can certainly call this thing a space saver.

There is also the option of 2 USB outlets on the underside of thingCHARGER, so hit up Amazon for a couple additional cables!


Front and Back

The aesthetically pleasing, almost camouflaged design of thingCHARGER is beautiful and simple. This design allows you to stack multiple units on top of each other giving you more availability of charging tip, and USB outlets. This is an awesome advantage of having multiple units, but the company recommends a maximum of 3 units plugged together. Common sense is encouraged! The charging tips work great, and charge as they should. They adjust up and down to allow for devices with a case on them, giving more clearance. Once the device is set, it charges well, and seems to charge fairly fast, although I have not seen any mention any type of quick charging capabilities.

I really only have one gripe about the device. I purposely use a little extra care when I plug in and unplug my Nexus 5 (of course not the largest phone on the market). I lean over to set the phone on the charging tip and it feels like there’s a bit too much wobble. I did the same with a Kindle and noticed the same, even a bit more because of its size. You certainly want to take great care if you decide to mount your shiny new 12.3″ Surface Pro 4 on top of thingCHARGER. But that would just seem silly! You can get a Micro USB tip or and Apple Lightning tip right now. A USB-C tip is soon to come also. Hope to see this very soon with new devices every year supporting USB-C.

Overall, I love the thingCHARGER, it has been and will continue to get a ton of use in my house. I definitely recommend it if you’re looking for additional charging capabilities, without causing a eyesore of cables lying around.

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  1. Can you please tell me when my order will be shipping please [#41179]?
    Thank you

    • We can’t possibly know this information. Please, contact the seller.

    • It won’t be. They went out of business and there are a ton of us out the cash. They ARE available if you want to buy again from Amazon, P3, or another retail outlet. But there won’t be any CS to contact if you have an issue.

  2. Do you think the charging tip or the phone /tablet could be damaged with normal use or from falling off while charging?

    • There have been customers whose phones have been broken by the thingcharger. I was not happy with its
      lack of charging and other design flaws and sent them back. It has been more than 3 months and I have yet to receive a refund despite multiple attempts to contact the company. I recently filed a complaint with BBB. Do not buy this overpriced underperforming junk

  3. I use it every day, normal use, and it has basically acted like any other micro usb. I know some brands work well for a long time, and others end up failing and getting loose, or not charging. But so far this on has worked just fine. My devices have never just fallen off the charging tip. But I would guess if the thingcharger sits in a high traffic area and gets bumped and knocked to the ground, it’s entirely possible it could damage the phone, charging port, or charging tip. Mine sits either in an outlet on my kitchen counter away from activity, or plugged in the living room, protected by a couch and an end table. 🙂

  4. Does the thing charger charge all Iphones and Ipods?

  5. Do you have a model for continental European plugs?

  6. Hi, I don’t know what is going on with this company, but I bought the thingcharger on beginning of September, late October I sent they an email because I had not have received it yet and they promised to sent before Christmas or Hannukkah, as of today nothing arrived and Hannukkah ended two days ago.

    • same problem here – filed a complaint with the BBB in New York – and amazingly it’s on its way via FedEx

  7. I also have not received my Thingcharger and when I asked for a refund I was told that I had participated in crowdfunding and if I actually wanted to receive one I would have to pay an additional cost. There is a plethora of complaints on BBB and I will be adding one to the list. DO NOT order from this company as they have a reputation for not fulfilling orders and you will have a hard time getting your money back.

  8. I sent a note basically telling them that I wanted a refund (ordered in August) and they sent me a note back stating that they were happy to refund but that my order was ready to ship. I think they have a great product but no experience in order management. This is also their first time doing large scale manufacturing. If I don’t like the product, I will put it up for sale on e-Bay at a profit since it seems that demand is high at this point.

    • I ordered 4 chargers in July of last year 2015! I hace yet to receive my purchase!

  9. Sorry all but stock shipment and order fulfillment is handled by the company.
    They sent us the charger, we reviewed it but have no further dealings with them.

    Again, you have our apologies

    Ste Boyd (Chief Editor)

  10. Just to clarify and present my understanding. This is crowd funding note e-commerce. So you supported their enterprise with the understanding you would receive a Thingcharger when it was ready. Apparently it took them longer than anticipated. They are now shipping. I just received an email saying they were finally ready to mass ship but they are taking first in first out. So if you ordered at the end of last year it may still be awhile. I funded then back in July

  11. Thanks for the clarification, Denise.
    Hopefully, everyone that backed the campaign gets their product shortly.

  12. This thing is ok although it says it comes with an iPhone charger none was included and the company does not respond to email or phone calls. Also the attachment for Android phones is wobbly and don’t even think about putting an iPad or other device on this, it will fall off.

  13. My kitchen outlets are all horizontal rather than vertical. If I have enough clearance for what I need to charge would there be any other possible issues? Also please advise if this company has caught up with shipping of their products.

  14. Mickey Oberman
    Feb 1, 17:57

    I have finally had a chance to use my thingCHARGER. Monday
    evening.What a disappointment! My brain must have not been

    I plugged it into the existing double wall plug. I had put the
    pin for my cell phone into the top.

    Problem:No matter how much I tried and fiddled I could not attach
    the phone to the thingcharger. It was too close to the wall even
    though the phone is very small.

    Solution: Brilliant! Remove pin from thingcharger and plug it
    into the cell phone and plug pin and phone into the

    Problem: The pin would not come out unless I unplugged the
    thingcharger from the wall plug and pressed a button in its back.

    Solution: Remove thingcharger from the wall. Remove pin. Plug pin
    into phone. Plug phone and thingcharger back into the wall plug.

    Problem: My desk lamp and my computer were plugged into the
    thingcharger’s two outlets. Both blacked out when I removed it
    from the wall plugs.

    Solution: Discard thingcharger. Plug old and faithful
    lightning/surge arrester with six outlets into one of the wall
    plugs. That left the other plug free. Wheee!

    Pondering: Hmm. Everything I have that needs charging comes with
    its own independent charger. I can plug six items into the
    lightning/surge protector at once. And it has a four foot wire so
    I need not get on my knees to use it as I must with the
    With my three thingCHARGERS plugged into each other I still have
    only two outlets. I could plug my lightning/surge protector into
    one of the outlets and maybe, just maybe, three items into the
    three thingchargers if the items are not too thick.

    Solution: In the future beware of “Awesome new” items and
    seductive sales pitches. In other words “THIMK” before you throw
    your money away.

    Mickey Oberman (Dummy)

  15. I so wanted this to be the perfect solution to all the cords cluttering my counterspace but it had one major flaw. Most houses have outlets between the counter and the top cabinets. There is not enough space for put anything more than an I phone in that space remaining at the top of the charger to the bottom of the cabinet. Kindles, I Pads, ect won’t fit. Then other outlets in our house are near the baseboards – that works but who wants to squat down on the floor to attach a device to the plug in – which takes a certain amount of adjusting to get it on right. Again the I Pad can lean against the wall, loosely but the kindle has it’s slot on on end and no way to balance it on the device. The device itself seems to work OK but not making it any easier to charge your devices. I waited months to get mine and heard they were not good about refunding but they did refund mine but I also had to return the free one that they offered when you bought 2. So was still out some $$$$ Hope they can solve those problems and I might be happy with it.

  16. An official response from the company…

    “Hello, this is Kristin with the thingCHARGER team, and I wanted to reach out to anyone who is still waiting on their order. If you have still not received your order, or an email with a link to finalize from us, please contact me personally at Attention: Kristin, and I will help to get your package on the way as soon as possible. You can also reach out to our phone team who is available to return telephone messages Monday through Friday. They can be reached at (855 345 8446).

    I really do appreciate your help in contacting our waiting supporters, and getting their packages shipping out to them.

    Thank you so much, Kristin 🙂

    Kristin M.
    Social Media & Online Branding Manager”

  17. After waiting over 6 months for the thingcharger, I asked for a refund. After several back & forth emails trying to get me to buy the thing, they finally said they’d give me a refund. They did process a refund, but to the wrong person and credit card. I pointed out their error in several emails to Customer Service but they refused to acknowledge their mistake and give me the refund so I’m out $125! Worthless company with no sense of responsibility to thir customers. Don’t waste your money!!!

  18. Magfast is brought to you by the same creeps that brought us all Thingcharger a couple of years ago – Amy and Seymour Segnit. Thingcharger was a slick marketing and crowdfunding campaign that separated a lot of people from almost a million dollars (including about $135 of mine). Many people never got their orders – I did get my four chargers, but the company disappeared with a *poof* shortly thereafter, making it impossible to get new charging tips for my new devices, and rendering our Thingchargers into expensive door-stops. But wait! There’s more! Amy and Seymour Segnit are at it again – new name trademarked (Magfast), very similar concept and product, crowdfunding again, and no doubt set to rake in more big money and then not support their product line.

  19. Most families now-a-days have multiple devices, connected to numerous charger. It’s always nice to locate a charging solution that may lessen the number of charging cables you might have laying about plugged into outlets in the house. I’ve been trying thingcharger review throughout my home within the last couple weeks .


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