Review: TYLT Energi 6K

Review: TYLT Energi 6K

External batteries are nothing new. There are probably thousands of different designs, manufacturers, mAh combinations. But for me, when I see TYLT on the front I will always take notice. The Energi 6K is a 6,000mAh external battery from TYLT. It’s design is relatively unique in that it offers an “All in One” solution, with the inclusion of a built in micro USB/lightning cable and plug point.

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When it’s all closed up, the Energi 6K fits in the palm of my hand. Which is more then I can say for other similar products. It also weighs just a little more then my S6 Edge, so it’s not a bulking heavy battery that will weigh me down during a day out.

The micro USB cable is attached to the bottom of the Energi and slips into a little groove, which protects it while not being used. There is a small power button on the front, which can be used to turn on/off and also to get a glimpse of the battery status. The Energi uses a green, amber, and red LED to indicate the battery level. For those who like to use their own cable, it does come with a USB point if required.

The selling point of the Energi 6K is the foldable power point at the top. Now for Americans this is perfect as it folds out and cable be used in any two point plug. But for the UK we’ll need to use  the 3-pin plug attachment. This does offer a slight disadvantage as it means you have to carry that with you too.

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I found two major uses for the Energi 6K. It works greats as a on-the-go battery, as you can just slide it off the 3-pin adapter and then carry it around with you for the day. I was able to charge my phone and the wifes using the USB port making it a dual charger.

The second use was just as a charging point in the home. You can leave this plugged in and then simply connect your phone at night, or during the day to charge it whilst you are home. Reminding me of those plug to USB point adapters you can buy, the Energi achieves that goal, whilst also being an external battery when needed.

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For $80 The Energi 6K is a natural development for batteries. the combination of a no fuss design, and multiple functions for around the house and going out. I am left wondering why more providers are building this into their batteries as standard. TYLT are leading the charge on making techies lives easier.



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