Review: TYLT ENERGI sliding power case for Samsung S6/S6 edge

Review: TYLT ENERGI sliding power case for Samsung S6/S6 edge

The S6 Edge is a great phone, but the battery limit has been a hot topic, along with the lack of front facing speakers. TYLT have bought out a solution to both these issues, a 3,400mAh external battery case, which also sports a pair of front facing speakers. The ENERGI sliding case is built for both the S6 and the S6 Edge, with different “sliding” cases for the different models. But for $80 is it good enough?

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This is quite an unassuming case, apart from the TYLT logo slightly engraved in the back, the rest of the case is a matte black colour. The battery case comes in 3 sections, the battery itself, a secondary case for the S6 and one for the S6 Edge. The smaller case goes on the phone, which has rails along each side, so it can be slid into the ENERGI case itself. This is actually quite a good idea, I loved how easy it was to take the phone in and out of the ENERGI case, and the secondary case offered enough protection to be used as a daily case.

On the back is a small indicator made up of 4 lights, these help to indicate how charged the battery is. I liked that they used a white LED, blue seems to be the goto colour for battery indicators, and I am a fan of the true white LED.

Eagle eyed readers may notice that the headphone socket is now restricted by the case, this is overcome by the included headphone adapter. It has a longers head allowing it to go through the case, you headphones can then be attached at the bottom.

Like other battery cases, this is going to totally take away from the look of the phone. It’s going to add a lot of bulk and weight, but  when travelling around and in need of extra juice, the fact it’s a bit bigger and heavier is forgotten. As the functionality is what is important when it comes to cases like this.

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This case has a couple of hidden extras that I wasn’t initially aware of. It can fully charge a phone in about an hour, but it will stop when the phone is fully charged. This means that the precious energy is wasted and is stored to be used again when the phone starts to die. It has QI-Charging built in, so can be charged easily by just placing it on a myriad of QI chargers available.

The Sliding Power Case includes Qi coils to ensure that while you have the battery on your phone, you are still able to charge your GS6 on a Qi charger, keeping charging simple and easy.

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Stats for nerds:

  • Rechargeable 3400mAh removable power sleeve.
  • Built-in Qi Wireless Charging.
  • Automatically stops charging when phone is at 100% to save power for later
  • Dual-layer inner case extends above screen for greater protection.
  • 2.1 AMP high speed charging to your Galaxy S6 and power sleeve.

Overall I really liked the ENERGI sliding case from TYLT. The two layer design is a stroke of genius and makes using the case a lot easier. The additions of smart charging and QI charging is a nice addition and sure to separate it from the rest.



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