Review: Vena vArmor Case for the LG G4

We’ve reviewed a few Vena cases for the LG G4 but today it’s the turn of their vArmor case which boasts CornerGuard technology.

Vena vArmor Featured

The vArmor is a unibody case that slips easily onto the G4. If you look closely at the photos you’ll see that the corners are raised away from the back of the phone which isolates it during a drop. The back of the case also has four small feet that lift it up slightly when left on it’s back. Lastly the case also creates a slight lip around the front of the phone which will prevent scratches when left face down.

Vena vArmor Back

The combination of TPU and polycarbonate materials give a nice grip to this case and it feels great in the hand. Your fingers sit nicely on the ridges at the back giving a better hold than some smooth-backed cases. The vArmor doesn’t feel heavy or bulky. I’ve also used the case quite a bit and there isn’t a mark on it so it is very durable.

Vena vArmor Front

Cut-outs are well sized and positioned but as the material at the back and bottom is a little thick I wasn’t able to use the case with my micro USB flash drive or dock.

I’d consider the vArmor to be a good looking case with a distinctive design that will set your phone apart. It’s available in a choice of four two-toned colours – Black/Green, Gray/Blue, Gray/Teal and Gray/Black (pictured).

Vena vArmor Bottom

The RRP of this case is $24.99 which is very reasonable, but it’s now only $11.99 on Amazon US which represents fantastic value for a case with this great design and build.

With the vArmor, Vena have created an inexpensive case that offers a unique design combined with a nice compromise between protection and usability. I don’t think anyone who picks one up from the links below will be disappointed…

Vena LogoBuy this on Amazon USA





Protection - 8
Feel/Grip - 9
Weight - 9
Hindrance - 8
Durability - 10
Looks - 8
Price - 9
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  1. Do you have to take the case off to charge the device? Or did I read that wrong?

    • No, charging cables are fine – the only issue is with plugging in wider micro USB gadgets like thumb drives.


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