I have talked with Sliters in Bigfork, MT where we bought it. Resurfacing your deck with Trex ® is easy to do, and the results are easy to love.. We were warned by our master carpenter that a previous client had experienced significant whistling from the wind blowing like a trumpet, through the hidden deck fasteners. Azek Deck, Veka Deck, Timbertech XLM to name a few. Now 7 years later the whole thing is starting to peel. We contacted our contractor and he came back and cut off some of the post so the deck has a slight incline for the water to run off. No mold to speak of, just flaking off. i had Epoch Evergrain decking installed in February 2007. How do we fix this without replacing the entire thing? Well...this is really interesting! Does Trex really think that the contractor would give me a copy showing the actual cost they paid for the Trex? 12 months later the sun-exposed planks are literally disintegrating. Slick Woody's has revolutionized the cornhole industry with these innovative all weather cornhole boards, approved by Helping You to Do It Yourself! I am concerned it is coming from the inside of the product. After having my own engineer and installer inspect the deck, we went ahead and filed a warranty claim. Now am wondering if Trex only lasts under a covered porch. No mold, great stuff. It looks horrible. We thought we were buying a product that would last. It appears to be mold. One more reason to NOT put in Trex. Trex decking disintegrating - anyone have experience with this? Has anyone had any luck working with the Trex Company on replacing decks becuase of faulty material? Every time it rained or we had any extended time of dampness, there were areas that turned almost black. For more information about reviews on ConsumerAffairs.com please visit our FAQ. I don’t have paperwork, receipts, or any of the so called evidence that Trex demands so it’s a waste of time and effort to try and file a claim regarding the class action suit against them. Bought the product in 2012 and some boards are deteriorating and some aren’t. We order $70 worth of samples, choose our colors, and we pay postage to return the samples. TREX Decking Material | This is what happens when you spend … | … I experience none of the warping issues I’ve read here. Greg of Ramona, CA Verified ReviewerResolution response: May 17, 2017, I found that the material is made by Tamko, not Trex, Trex did reply to me after I learned the builder did not use Trex. The main reason we bought Trex was because of the warranty. The only problem I’ve had is it’s slippery when it gets frost on it. It will not be long before we have to replace the TREX decking as it is turning to sawdust. HELPFUL43 people found this review helpful, Carol of Troy, NYOriginal review: May 24, 2016. We had our deck built in 2002 and it looks absolutely horrible. 4.Composite Decking (at this point in time): :thumbdown: Just imagine spending $14,000 on a new deck only to begin seeing dark spots and possibly flacking and/or corrosion in a few weeks/months or just a year or two or maybe three... Bottom line for me: I'm sticking to WOOD! He simply provides you with a copy of the invoice that he gave you when the job was complete. Sad and their ego will define their future. 18 months ago we installed 1,200 sq ft of Saddle Accent. I cannot let my dogs out on it at all. Good luck to you!Original review: March 18, 2016, I wanted to post a note regarding our installation and subsequent warranty filing. Trex customer service has not been helpful at all. I have been asked to add on to a Trex deck only to find out it was some other off brand. Ipe looks nice but apparently is very hard and difficult to work with. We require contact information to ensure our reviewers are real. No more asking "Can I … Trex Decking Problem - Forum - Bob Vila 12 Apr 2009 . The Trex company has a problem. I would recommend Trex decking materials for anyone wanting a beautiful, virtually maintenance-free product. The actual cost paid by the contractor is a moot subject. All we're selling here is PVC. TT-COC-003944.229 | PEFC Certification No. What a joke of a warranty. It didn’t work. Sick Puppy Labs- what we lack in manpower, we make up for with physics and blind stubbornness. So, 18 years later and my Trex looks like it did when it was new. Don’t believe their warranty. I posted this in another trex thread, too - I am a class action attorney investigating Trex claims. I use the recommended Behr paint for decks. HELPFUL39 people found this review helpful, Andy of Olympia, WA Verified ReviewerOriginal review: Nov. 1, 2015, I installed 900 sq ft of “best” Trex decking in my backyard in 2005. Trex has no business ethic towards the “right” way to treat a potential customer. I put a claim in with a Trex a few weeks but they want receipts from the lumberyard/dealer where the Trex was purchased. If the boards on your existing deck are looking a bit worn - and the foundation and deck framing system are sound - you can simply replace the walking surfaces and deck railings with Trex decking and railing.