Scary Halloween Decorations From Scary Peepers Review

Scary Halloween Decorations From Scary Peepers Review

With the run-up to Halloween, everyone is after the best decorations and costumes. Scary Peeper looks to offer some great decorations, that I have found actually do scare people.

Motion Activated Animatronics Scary Peeper Taps on Window

All you would do is hang this motion-activated scary peeping tom decoration on the inside or outside of a window. It taps on the window every 3 seconds or when someone passes by using its inbuilt sensor.

I found this eerily lifelike and the eyes are at a glance so real, I found myself having to put a blanket over it when I was in the house. Hanging it inside a window is great, as it means when people walk by the finger taps on the window and scares the *BLEEP* out of people.

I found it really easy to install on any window or door at home. The sticker for the window is solid and doesn’t budge. While the thread that it uses to hang is almost invisible.

I found a couple of other uses for this, including hanging it on the shower door. As it means when people are showing there is just a tap on the glass, and they see that face!

Scary Peeper True to Life Burgler

This scary peeper isn’t electric, but my god is it fun to scare people with. The mask is realistic, and the hand is great as it can be moulded to look to be reaching around the door.

Setup is easy, there are sticky hooks supplied to hand the mask and hand on. You can then mould the fingers around an object to make it more realistic.



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