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Sleep Shepherd Review


For anyone who has trouble sleeping or waking up, there is a huge line of quick fixes and medicines. The Sleep Shepherd is here is try and be the only fix you need, this headband connects to your phone and reads your brainwaves. Using this information beats are played into your ears to help you sleep better.

f98175f27ac28ef1fc05bf9abafa8cc7_originalThe box included the headband and a microusb charger. This will never win an award for best looking headband, it has a huge box in the front, for all the components, charging and turning it on. It’s difficult to miss, and is a noticeable lack of design. Once I had downloaded the app and turned them on, I connected instantly through bluetooth.

My vision of the product is two parts, there is the helping sleep section. This monitors your brainwaves through the app after each sleep and uses tones to help induce a deeper sleep more quickly. Though I will say I encountered a lot of issues downloading that information, having checked I noticed a lot of people encountered this issue.

The Smart Alarm is the next part, which allows you to set time you want to be woken up. The headband then plays a set of beats to help wake you up. This not only meant to assure you wake up, but also to wake you up feeling refreshed.



  • Actively Improve Your Sleep – Because the Sleep Shepherd is the only sleep device that actively improves your sleep, you can get the most out of your sleep, every night.
  • Track Your Sleep, For Real – Other sleep trackers just track your motion as you sleep, the Sleep Shepherd tracks sleep at its source by monitoring your brainwaves in real time.
  • Wake Up Refreshed – The Sleep Shepherd’s Smart Alarm slowly lifts your brain out of sleep before waking you up. So you wake up feeling great – and on time.
  • Lightweight Fabric That Breathes – Designed with ultra lightweight fabric that is designed to be extremely breathable, non-intrusive and comfortable.
  • Backed By Data – Sleep with confidence knowing that studies show 4 out of 5 people sleep better with the Sleep Shepherd.
  • Goes Wherever You Are – Because the Sleep Shepherd requires zero set-up, it’s effortless to travel with. Build better sleep no matter where you are.


So the big question is, does it work? I honestly can’t say. I did sleep fine, I had no issues during the sleep, and as soon as the alarm started going I woke up. After using it for a month I wouldn’t say I feeling anymore refreshed than I did before.

Though I will say that my dream were a lot more vivid. Now this could be a placebo effect of the headband, maybe I was expecting something to be different. But when I started using it, my dreams felt more real and tangible.

Now for this experience you are looking at $249. This is high amount, and I can’t expect a lot of people to go out and buy it. But if you are suffering from sleep problems, this could be a good solution, as the science behind it does make sense.




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