Sneaky Shoe Cleaning Kit Review

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Sneaky Shoe Cleaning Kit Review

I am a big shoe owner, so like to keep them clean. Wanting to make sure not to damage the material I hunted out Sneaky. A brand that pride themselves on keeping the worlds shoes clean and fresh.

The Sneaky Cleaning Kit is complete solution for cleaning shoes and keeping them looking good.  The kit comes with a “direct to shoe” foaming cleaner, which is pumped out. The foam means there is no need to add water to clean. This helps protect the shoes a lot more. You also get a large premium cleaning brush and a micro fibre cloth.

The kit works on leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, wovens, synthetic fabrics, rubber and foam soles. This covers just about every shoe I own, so it’s perfect having an all-in-one solution to my shoe cleaning needs.

I tested this one my Nike Tanjun trainers, you remove the laces (if possible) first. Then I had to apply a small amount of foam directly to the shoe. I found this didn’t seem like a lot, but it is.  Using the brush, you can then spread out the foam to all the shoe.

Using the micro fibre towel I was then able to remove any excess and wipe down cleaning off any stains. Then I just leave by the window to allow to dry. Afterwards my shoes looked like new!

  • Pump action cleaner creates a self foaming cleaning solution.
  • The premium direct to shoe applicator means there is no need to mix with water.
  • Large grip hog hair brush is firm on tough stains and gentle on softer fabrics.
  • The super soft micro fibre towel is ideal for wiping down.
  • Suitable for all types of materials including suede, nubuck, leather, synthetics and canvas.

This  works wonderfully, it exceeded my expectations. White trainers that I believed to be beyond saving easily have been restored to their former glory. They were not just dirty but what was more a staining of the leather. But this very easily cleaned and them and brought them back to white. It has also worked on grey, blue and a very bright yellow. Please check them out for £11.99.



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