Soundpeats In-Ear Headphones Review

Soundpeats In-Ear Headphones Review

SoundPEATS B10u

These headphones look very simple, I was worried they wouldn’t be able to produce much sound, but I was massively surprised by how much power this things had!

When I plugged these into my phone, I found the sound quality was excellent! Especially when testing using Tidal. It was really rich and the bass was perfect, nothing too heavy but very well balanced. These are now my preferred wired headphones of choice now.

I really liked the shape of the ear plugs, which look like they will protrude out, but they actually fit into the ear really well and you can barely notice them. With the fantastic fitting, you barely hear anything else, yet to test these on the train, but from the office, they work really well! It also has a built in microphone, which is really discrete and minimal so you barely notice it.

These are only £9.99

SoundPEATS B50

The earphones themselves are small barrel looking with wooden bodies. The buds come in different sizes and are interchangeable so they fit your ear holes. The rubber hooks slip inside the first crease of your ear and although they don’t push the ear buds into the earhole, they do hold the ear pieces in place. The barrels are magnetic so they stick together back to back which is handy if they are hanging around your neck but i find they don’t do much when i have them folded in a travel wallet. The wires are brown not black and rubbery. They look good but are very thin and because they are so rubbery, they stick to clothes and things and feel they could snap if they get caught. They do get int he way a bit but i knew this when purchased as opposed to wireless ones, so can’t really hold it against them. At least they don’t need power or charging. The headphone jack is the usual 3.5mm and gold. It is a tight fit but comes with flats on two sides to make gripping it with fingers easier. Itis straight not right-angled which is is fine for if your phone is on your desk and the jack is on the botom such as an iphone, but with my other sony phone i found it made the overall length of phone+jack a little long for in my pocket.

Sound – This is a critical bit as the Q9A‘s sound brilliant. I have tried these for some weeks now and on different music sources. Streamed, radio, two different phones, stored mp3, video. In all cases the sound is clear and nice weighty bass. They are effcient too so the volume can go right up as they don’t take much to drive. The bit i can’t quite put my finger on is everything i have listened to sounds a little distant. It doesn’t matter how loud the volume is, it just feels like the sound is not quite in your ear. It is difficult to describe but if you have som speakers in your living room and someone stands in front of them, you can tell. If that person then moves suddenly the sound is more direct and clear.The same with these earphones. The clarity and detail is very good, just the sound always feels a little distant and lacking atmosphere. It could well be the noise cancelling methods as it is a similar sound when i have used other noise cancelling earphones on my Sony phone, but i had th eoption to play and switch things on and off on them. With these, no options are available on the phone as it just recognises them as straight forward sound outputs.
It must also be said that the earphones arrived beautifully packaged. The box was such a nice display with graphics and soft touch, with a flap that opened to show a preview window. The graphics were similar to the jog wheel on an ipod.

Overall these are good earphones that would make a wonderful gift with the way they look. They sound good for everyday use and feel alot more expensive than they are.


SoundPEATS B30

These headphones are a good set of good quality plug and play headphones. They have a 9mm driver, which gives a great clear sound with fantastic bass and crisp trebles.
The headphones also have an inbuilt Mic’ so that you can use them for calls too and the one button located on the cable is used to control both music and calls. This works all the functions in call and while music is playing. One press pauses the music or answers a call. Two presses advances to the next song, 3 presses rewinds etc. All the functions and button presses are explained in the very thorough and clear instruction booklet included with the set. There is no volume control on the headphones but this is not really an issue as I usually use the volume on the attached device. All the other operations that are available from the button make these headphones a decent buy.
The set comes with 4 different sized spare ear buds and 3 sets of ‘hooks’ and also a spare cable clip. All of this can be stored in the self-closing pouch so it is very compact and can be very easily carried in your pocket.
The actual build of the earpieces is really good being made from aluminium so they are durable and stylish with the grey metal finish. The tangle free cable is a decent length at 1.2M and is soft feel. Also a nice little touch that is sometimes overlooked is the L-Shaped elbow on the 3.5mm jack. This makes a difference because it helps to prevent cable splitting when the device is in your pocket etc. A lot of makers don’t use this feature and the cable can break within weeks.
These are a really good pair of very simple plug and play earphones that work great and look good doing it and I have no hesitation in recommending them to any buyer.


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