Speed Math – Review

Speed Math – Review



 Speed Maths, as the name implies, is a simple, fun, maths game. And it’s free.


You have a 5×5 grid of random numbers from which you choose a combination that total the target number. You have three lives, and a time limit to reach each target. As you progress your level increases, raising the target you need to reach, meaning more numbers in each combination, challenging the reflexes of both your brain and fingers. You will find yourself making some embarrasing mistakes from time to time, but it’s pretty addictive, and great for quick bursts when you have a few free minutes. The inclusion of a pause button is very handy too.

Screenshot_2013-08-06-12-31-31 Screenshot_2013-08-06-12-31-47 Screenshot_2013-08-06-12-31-56 Screenshot_2013-08-06-12-32-09 Screenshot_2013-08-06-12-32-54


Not ready for tablets yet, the resolution needs a bit of tweaking, as the game sits forlornly in an expanse of black screen. Hopefully the developer will address this in the very near future. This game is fun as a standalone singleplayer, but  it deserves leaderboards, achievements and some form of multiplayer, the social element would certainly add to it’s lifespan.


Grab it here for free, and leave a rating and review, give the dev some encouragement and motivation to give this game the polish it deserves…

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