Choetech Launching Four New Wireless Chargers at CES 2019

You’ll likely be familiar with the inexpensive Chinese brand Choetech, we’ve reviewed numerous products from them and their accessories are well reviewed on Amazon also. Earlier today the company shared with us four new wireless charging solutions that are coming to market. We thought we’d share with our readers too… 1. Choetech 5 Coils Dual Fast Wireless&nbs...[Read More]

Review: Arkon Mobile Grip 2

Review: Arkon Mobile Grip 2 Arkon have sent me their Mobile Grip 2 and it’s compatible with larger display phones. This new Mobile Grip 2 will fit any phone or phablet with a case in width of 2.4″-3.6″. I find these great for using on the car, when using the phone as a GPS, or when putting my phone on my desk, as I still think car mounts are great for desk mounts.   Although...[Read More]

Review: iBeani

Review: iBeani We’ve looked at many tablet stands over the years here at Droidhorizon, in this review we’ll take a look at something a little bit different. Made in the UK and available in multiple designs, the iBeani works with any tablet or eReader as a place to rest your device in comfort. “The iBeani bean-bag stand is the only universal tablet stand you need. It fits Android ...[Read More]

Review: The Ribbn from TYLT

Review: The Ribbn from TYLT I’ve been using the Tylt Ribbn for a few weeks now and, even though its just a car charging cable, its pretty awesome. The Ribbn is a 4.8A 12-volt car charger for smartphones that integrates a 1m flat cable. At one end is the car charging plug and on the other is a micro-usb cable. I loved the fact that the flat cable design meant, that it doesn’t get tangle...[Read More]

Review: Braven 570

Review: Braven 570   The market is full of similar Bluetooth speaker units that offer different options, quality of sound, robustness and likely most important.. Price. We’ve reviewed a fair few ourselves over the last few years too and even this speaker’s bigger brother the Braven 705. The Braven 570 we are taking a look today sits in the under £50 price point where usually you&#...[Read More]

Skinomi TechSkin – Review

 Skinomi TechSkin for Moto X Review Screen protectors are not my thing. I’ve never used one as I respect my devices, probably as I always pay sim free prices and the wallet pain from that lingers longer than it does for contract phone users. My wife on the other hand has no respect for her phones and just drops them into her bottomless handbag, then proceeds to launch said handbag into the passeng...[Read More]

Haloband – Review

Haloband – Review The wrist has been drowned in accessories from watches, to health monitor and of course the recent Google Wear devices. A recent addition is the Haloband, this rubber band adorns your wrist and then extends the phones functionality with a simple tap of one of the three chips in the band itself. No longer do you have to unlock to turn on the flashlight, simply tap your wrist...[Read More]

New Poll – Do you use protection? (A case or cover)

               Image via Cruzerlite New Poll – Do you use protection? (A case or cover) Here at DroidHorizon we have reviewed plenty of cases, covers, bumpers and wallets. All these offer different levels of protection and possibly something unique in design or in materials used in manufacturing. Prices vary from just a few bucks to somewhere around $40 for the better quality case. You’...[Read More]