Smartphone Review: Honor 90 Lite

Honor recently released their latest mid-range Honor 90 and Honor 90 Pro smartphones, and to complement them they’ve also provided a more budget-friendly option at just €249,99 / £249 – the Honor 90 Lite (£199 on Amazon UK at time of writing). Check the Honor website for the full list of specs. Being in the region of half the price of their more expensive offerings you’d expect a major downg...[Read More]

Portable and Affordable Bluetooth Speakers

Music is a necessity in our lives. Without it, our day feels incomplete. In addition to this, music helps in increasing productivity and making boring tasks enthusiastic. Whether you are working at your home or office or traveling in a train, music is all you need. Since the volume of our phones is low and music often loses its real spirit due to background disturbances, we need devices of higher ...[Read More]

Review: M4 Earphones for Musicians

Review: M4 Earphones for Musicians I love scanning Kickstarter and Indiegogo to see what tech is coming out soon, especially the ones that really smash their goal. New company ADV.Sound was one of those stories originally asking for a small amount of 7k to bring their budget musician inspired headphones to the masses. They surpassed their goal by almost £50,000, which shows the love people had for...[Read More]