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To the castle Review

It’s true to say that many of today’s gamers will never know certain things about gaming, load times is an example of this, if you’re old enough you may remember the commodore 64 or the Amstrad, I don’t think I need to say more about that, go forward in time and you get ‘real’ consoles the Nintendo NES or the Sega Master System but it wasn’t until 16 bit c...[Read More]

Microgolf Masters Review

Hi guys I’ve been away for a little while but I’m back and I have a great game for you, it’s my Microgolf Masters review, this is an online multiplayer crazy golf game and it is awesome as hell. The Play Store is awash with games for your pocket devices, some good, some bad, some made by big budget company’s and others made by one person on their home computer. Needless to ...[Read More]

Review: Mad Dex

I don’t make it a secret on my social network  feeds that I love indie games, of any description, and one of my favorite on the PC is a little game called super meat boy and I had been left hoping that it would be bought over to the android and ios platforms but alas no such luck, yet !. However Mad Dex by Game guild have shall we say made their own version and well it’s pretty damn cl...[Read More]

Review: Retro Gears

Hi guys, I’m back with another game for you and I’m hitting you, retro style with Retro Gears by Leinus Racing.     I’ll be honest here, the older of us gamers are going to appreciate this a lot more than you Call Of Duty kids as this is the style of game we grew up on, it’s reminiscent of games such as Micro Machines, Afterburner or Outrun ( kids Google them, sim...[Read More]

Best Fiends : Review

Hi guys and gals i’m back with another anti festive surprise this time in the form of the puzzle adventure game, Best Fiends by Seriously Digital Entertainment. So what is it about i hear you say well the story is this, the little guys that live in Minutia   lived in peace and harmony, until the night the meteor smashed into Mount Boom! A strange force transformed the slimy Slugs who lived t...[Read More]

The walking dead road to survival: review

Hi guys im back with another app review, this time the not so festive walking dead: road to survival. As we have entered the festive month of December its hard not to notice that Christmas is just around the corner however if you are anything like me you’re a strong believer in the 12 days of Christmas not the 24 days of Christmas, which is why i have chosen this game, it’s about as fa...[Read More]

Cliffy Jump Review

  Hi guys i have a treat for you today, a fantastic game called Cliffy Jump from WeGo interactive The concept of the game is simple tap to jump over the pits and spikes to reach 100% of each round, “yawn” i hear you say, well think again this game has bucket loads of levels to keep you going as well as a vast selection of playable characters which can be earned through the collect...[Read More]

City 2048

Hi guys it’s me again, your friendly DroidHorizon Android app reviewer and today ive got a great game called City 2048. The original version if 2048 was released in May 2014 and a year later the Play Store is flooded with clones and to be honest it can be an annoyance sifting through the worst of them, sometimes however it can pay off . City 2048 is a fantastic clone of the original where th...[Read More]