Google Play, Tips & Advice.

Our first in the series of tips for newer users begins with accessing the Google Play Store. What’s available?, How do I use it? Etc etc Your brand spanking new Nexus7 (we’ll use this as an example) comes with the full Play Store installed. Likely when you first boot the device you’ll be asked to register a Gmail account. This is very important! This is your key to all those love...[Read More]

Game Review – Wild West Sheriff

I installed this game after it was recently featured as the free app of the day on the UK Amazon Appstore. Their free apps are often more miss than hit, and to be honest from looking at the screenshots, I probably wouldn’t have installed it at all. However even if a game’s not very good, my young kids often like to play around with it for a couple of days. So I gave Wild West Sheriff t...[Read More]

Luneoids – Space Survival

Pilot your ship through evil Luneoids to survive and help save the galaxy! An unknown galaxy faces a new threat – the Luneoids, and its your job to help save its people… Pilot your ship through ever increasing numbers of Luneoids in order to survive and help save the galaxy! Collect gold to purchase new ships and upgrades to help battle your way to victory. What will your high-score be...[Read More]