Review: RiutBag X35 Secure 35L Convertible Backpack

The RiutBag X35 backpack can be unfolded from a handy 10 litre everyday capacity to a spacious 35 litres that’s suitable for use as your carry-on bag. For extra security it also has a special backwards design that hides all openings when worn. RuitBag get points for presentation (not to mention helping the environment) as the X35 comes inside it’s own reusable black fabric drawstring b...[Read More]

Review: RiutBag Sling Secure Cross-Body Bag

Worn over one shoulder (like a bandolier), RiutBag Sling is a secure zipped pouch that provides easy access to your valuables while you travel. First appearances would suggest that the long, slim shape of the pocket on the Sling wouldn’t hold a lot. However the light material is quite stretchy allowing it to conform to the shape of the contents and actually hold quite a few items – max...[Read More]

Review: Targus CityLite Security Backpack for Laptops

We need expensive gadgets with us on our travels, but this always comes with an additional risk of theft. Targus CityLite helps you carry all your gear in comfort, while incorporating some additional security measures compared to your everyday laptop backpack. It’s made from 300D polyester which is water-resistant and seems high quality. As backpacks go, the CityLite looks good but somewhat ...[Read More]

TravelOn Heritage Backpack Review

TravelOn Heritage Backpack Review I may have a backpack problem, at last count I had 17 at home. But the problem is people keep coming up with solutions to those little problems, and each iteration is better than the last. The TravelOn Heritage Backpack though may be the best one I have seen in a while, as it has everything I like and need in a backpack. There are plenty of pockets, so its good to...[Read More]

Booq Daypack Review

Booq Daypack Review Booq isn’t a company I have had a lot of experince with, but I am in love withe their latest offering the Booq Daypack. This backpack is perfect for a commuter with space for a laptop and other tech, a nice selection of pockets, and a pretty nifty safety feature. I was impressed by the initial look of the Booq Daypack, I had been sent the clay canvas colour, and it looked cool ...[Read More]

Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack Review

Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack Review The Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack is made by XD Design. I hadn’t heard about this backpack until I saw a guy wearing one whilst cycling in London. It’s made from cut-proof material, features hidden zipper closures, and even secret pockets. It also has a nifty little USB charging port in the strap. The anti-theft features are a pretty big selling point, and ...[Read More]

MOS Pack Charging backpack – Review

MOS Pack Charging backpack – Review The MOS Pack features a built-in charging station and internal cable management so you can charge everything without taking it all out of your backpack. After using it for a couple of weeks, I can confirm 100% they are telling the truth. This juggernaut of a bag, packs a wall charger, with two USB ports to plug in a variety of mobile devices. Everything is...[Read More]

Solo Crosby Backpack Review

Solo Crosby Backpack Review isn’t a company I have heard about, but I loved the look of their Crosby Backpack. This backpack is for the tech obsessed commuter, who needs space for their laptop, tablet and protection for their more valuable tech. I was impressed by the initial look of the Crosby Backpack, I had been sent the black colour, and it looked cool and professional. It’s a s...[Read More]

Helios, Helios Lite and Aerio Bags from Moshi Review

Helios, Helios Lite and Aerio Bags from Moshi Review I am always on the lookout for a great backpack. I have backpacks with batteries built in and backpacks with solar panels hanging off them, but Moshi have given me something I haven’t seen in a long time, a functional tech backpack, where most of the time, money and ingenuity has gone into making it look great and hold up against the eleme...[Read More]

Review: Hopsooken backpack

Hopsooken makes gear for travel. Their line includes a backpack, neckpouch, and money belt.  I’ve spent a couple of weeks with their 30L backpack, which seems to indicate that their line is good for travel, in that it’s collapsible into a small pouch, water resistant, and light. I haven’t spent time with a backpack in a couple of decades, so at this point I’m pretty close t...[Read More]