Review: iMobie PhoneRescue for Android

The importance of backups are often stressed to computer users, but this often gets overlooked when it comes to that little computer in our pocket. iMobie’s PhoneRescue software runs on either a Windows or Mac PC and allows you to backup / restore all the personal data sitting on your Android or iOS phone. I downloaded the Windows / Android version of the app from the iMobile website. Once i...[Read More]

MEEM – Physical Backups on the Fly

MEEM To most of us a charging cable is just that, a cable. If you are feeling adventurous you might buy one that’s a fancy colour, or maybe has little LED’s to show the energy powering down the line. To the guys behind MEEM however, a charging cable was seen as an opportunity to bring physical backups to mobile devices without the user having to change anything about their normal usage routine. Su...[Read More]

Meem Memory Charging Cable Review

Meem Memory Charging Cable Review The Meem Memory cable is (according to MEEM) the only product of its kind in existence. This funky green and black cable charges your phone and automatically backs up your device. The Meem slips into your daily routine and while charging your phone, will backup things like messages and pictures for you. The average Android user has a total 1.94GB of ‘Meemable’ dat...[Read More]

Intocircuit Power Castle – Review

 Intocircuit Power Castle – Review Usually referred to as a “power brick,” the Intocircuit Power Castle offers a high capacity, 11200 mAh battery for an emergency scenario or even as a handy solution for charging all those expensive toys we own. I’m sure everyone that reads Android based sites have a few phones, a tablet or 2 and a Bluetooth speaker of some description. All...[Read More]

G Cloud, App & Service Review.

Never worry about losing your device, (One device is lost every 3 Secs in the US) just install this App and it will intelligently backup all your data to a secure cloud/online location, and its FREE Backup and protect your SMS messages, contacts, call logs, documents, settings, photos, music and videos to a secure cloud location Just select what to backup and you’re done, it intelligently backs up...[Read More]