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Review: SmartOmni wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are all abuzz lately, with Apple making the controversial decision to remove headphone jacks from iPhones. And to the surprise of no one, it’s becoming a potential boon to Bluetooth audio OEMs, such as the pair of wireless earbuds I’ve been using from SmartOmni. My experience with them has been different, to say the least. The buds are fairly small, each with their own...[Read More]

Review: Omaker’s M4 Bluetooth Speaker

For the last few weeks, I’ve had the privelage of getting to enjoy using wireless, Bluetooth speakers. The prior one that I did was a nice looking one that would fit in just about anywhere. The focus of this one, from Omaker, is more about rugged durability. It has a solid feel to it, and looks the part as well. The appearance of the device that I reviewed was green and gray. The top and bot...[Read More]

Review: IEC Technology’s Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker

So for the last few days, I’ve been playing around with a Bluetooth speaker. I’ve been somewhat intrigued by the concept for some time, so I was excited to check this out. Here’s how this one shook out for me. In a word, this things looks NICE. It’s a gray cylinder, with a faux metallic appearance. There’s a reflective, chrome like ring around the top of it, and an LE...[Read More]

Review: Marsboy Bone Conduction Earphones

  I’m an audio junkie. Not a snob, mind you, but I listen to an obscene amount of audio content in the average day. In the car, at work, yard work, you name it. So with the amount of audio content that I consume on a daily basis, I was intrigued to try out this particular set of headphones. Marsboy Bone Conduction Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones are what I’ve been using lately, an...[Read More]

Review: WESTLINK (New Bee) NB-9 Bluetooth Headphones

Check out the video review of these NB-9 headphones from WESTLINK (branded New Bee). In summary… – Fantastic sound – rich bass accompanies great clarity in the mids and highs with an impressively broad soundstage. – Well made with soft-touch plastic and extra-soft PU leather earpieces. – Very comfortable and snug fit. – Great battery life. – Handy control button...[Read More]

Review: Ubanista Boston Bluetooth Earplugs

In our latest headphone review, we take a look at the Urbanista Boston earplugs.       I’ve never heard of Urbanista which made me a bit aprehentious about them and at a mid range price they seemed almost too good to be true, after looking at the specs I was ready to try them out. Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker size: φ14.2mm Sensitivity: 112dB ±3dB SPL @1KHz Impedance: 32ohms ±15% @1KH...[Read More]

Review: Xqisit XQ S20

The world of Bluetooth speakers is vast and growing, for the past 4 weeks I have got to play with the xqisit xq s20 speaker and well I have got my good points and my bad points. So let’s start with the good shall we.       I cannot fault xqisit for the build quality with this device, it’s as sturdy as it is beautiful, strong metal speaker cover, rubberized backing and fu...[Read More]

Review: Tronfy T3 Bluetooth Headphones

So for the last couple of weeks, I’ve been using the Tronfy T3 Bluetooth headphones. I’ve had experience with another model in the past, and have an appreciation for the convenience that a wireless connection can bring. To my surprise, this one had some features that I didn’t find in my previous experience, as well as some points in common. First, the headphones’ appearance...[Read More]

August EP610 bluetooth headphones review

Hi guys it’s that time again for another review from me and this time I have the August EP610 bluetooth headphones. First off, August has over the last few weeks become one of my favorite audio specialists, their designs are always beautiful and practical however sometimes a little extra attention to the smaller detail would suit me, but that’s just me, when i opened the packaging for ...[Read More]

August EP636 bluetooth wireless headphones review

Hi guys I have some more audio head ware for you this time in the shape of the August bluetooth wireless headphones model EP636 in silver. The EP363 are a slimmer more toned down version of it’s bigger brother (check out my review of the EP650 here) but it in no means packs less of a punch. It’s band is slimmer and more light weight which unfortunately for me is reflected in how flimsy...[Read More]

August EP650R Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headphones

Hi guys I’ve spent the last week testing out some Bluetooth headphones from August International, the EP650R and the R stands for red. First off, as you can see from the above photo it comes in a variety of colors, because not everyone wants flat black and chrome. Straight out of the box it is ready to use and although I had a little trouble with the initial set up which I’m sure was a...[Read More]

August SE20 review

Welcome back guys i have the August SE20 Bluetooth fm radio for you today, i was both surprised and disappointed with this product as it seemed very promising. its amazing retro and by retro i mean late 90’s early naughties body work gave it the look of belonging, it came out of the box and just belonged on my kitchen side it because of its styling it blended in with the everyday and didnt s...[Read More]

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