5 Strategies to Boost Your Mac Cybersecurity

The world has constantly been shifting towards progress. One of the best examples of this is the growing need for online activities. Brands are now focusing more on establishing their presence on social platforms. This has also made smartphone brands give a hike in their technological side. Every well-renowned brand has been focusing on its market base to target the corporate sector. There have be...[Read More]

5G Offers Major Boost to Sports Betting

Though 5G has recently become a buzzword, the depth of its impact has yet to be fully understood by the general public and specific industries. 5G, which stands for fifth-generation wireless, is the most cutting-edge development yet in mobile technology. The promises of the 5G network have been vast. Not only will it perform faster than its 4G/LTE predecessor, but this speed will be widely availab...[Read More]

Onboarding Applications That Can Boost Customer Engagement

Having an online business is a double-edged weapon. Sometimes it is far easier to have access to an entire world at the tip of your fingers, while other times it feels like you’re dealing with a robot and just need to speak to someone human for a change!  That’s why it is essential for onboarding to be as simple, direct and user friendly as possible to avoid losing the latter person who wants to k...[Read More]

How to Use Technology to Boost Studies

How to Use Technology to Boost Studies Undoubtedly, hiring a good tutor can help you to prepare well for school exams or regular assignments. However, today we have many innovative ways of using technology to boost studies. Here, we shall discuss classroom technology tools you should take advantage of to improve your learning.   In this tech-driven era, there is too much fierce competition in...[Read More]

Review: iClever BoostCube QC3.0

  iClever is a company that provides charging solutions. Last week, I reviewed their three port charger, that puts out a solid 2.4 amps out of each port. Not bad. This week, I’m reviewing something different from them, which is a single port wall charging unit that supports Quick Charge. The prongs fold in, just like the other one, making this well suited for travel. It is color black instea...[Read More]