ME01 Earphones from Master and Dynamics Review

ME01 Earphones from Master and Dynamics Review Master and Dynamic (M&D) are the manufacturers of one of my favourite over-ear headphones the MH40. I am now looking at their in-ear headphones, the ME01s. These guys still rock that industrial look, whilst combining it with a fantastic sound. I love the amount of work M&D put into the look of their products. The differences of metal and rubbe...[Read More]

Review – Savfy Neckband Wireless Sports Headset

Picking a headset can be a complicated task these days, wired or wireless, buds or cans, clip over or push in, there are a ton of choices beyond sound quality and price. the Savfy neckband sports headset is a bluetooth unit marketed towards the active user. That being the case comfort and durability will be high up the agenda for their target audience. DESIGN The main body of the Savfy is made up ...[Read More]

Review: Groov-e Sport Buds

Review: Groov-e Sport Buds We’ve reviewed lots of ear phones over the last few years here at DroidHorizon. All at different price brackets from Sennheiser’s famous Momentum range to… Shall we say, “less good.” Although which is usually the case with technology accessories, you really do get what you pay for. You’ll find corners have been cut to keep price down and mat...[Read More]

Review: JLab NEON JBuds

Review: JLab NEON Earbuds Who doesn’t enjoy their sporting activities more when they have a rocking playlist to improve their time on the slopes/up a mountain/in the skies? JLabs agreed with this idea and so offered me their JLab NEON JBuds to review. Design-wise, they’ve hit the metaphorical jackpot. With a choice of five colour combinations, with the earbud one colour and the cable the oth...[Read More]