Samsonite Lite-Cube DLX Spinner Review

The Samsonite Lite-Cube DLX Spinner is the smallest and one of the most lightweight suitcases I have used. The 4 wheels, allow it to be pushed or pulled, making the easiest case I have used. The Lite-Cube DLX uses Samsonite’s Curv material, which provides a super lightweight but very strong shell. The 55cm model (Which we are reviewing) fits into most airline cabins, but we would always recommend ...[Read More]

Review: Eiger North Case and 3D Glass Screen Protector for the Huawei Mate 20 Pro

I mentioned in my review of the Mate 20 Pro that its all glass design could make it more susceptible to accidental drops and damage (especially the smooth backed variants). In this review we’ll be taking a look at a couple of solutions from Eiger Protection – a dual-layer North Case and their 3D Glass screen protector. Eiger North Case The Eiger North Case has an all-black design with ...[Read More]

Nexus 6 Urban Armor Gear Case Review

Nexus 6 Urban Armor Gear Case Review On a big, slippery phone like the Nexus 6, you need a case. Sure you can attempt to go without one, but you’d be risking your phone in a big way. There are plenty of cases available to choose from, but one that I’ve been testing out lately is the Maverick from Urban Armor Gear. In essence, this case is a simple TPU case, but it’s got some perk...[Read More]

Review: Protect the One you love with the Symmetry Case from Otterbox

Review: Protect the One you love with the Symmetry Case from Otterbox I have tested a number of cases for my M8. This week I was pleased to receive one from Otterbox. This time they have sent their latest case for the M8, the Symmetry case. This case is Otterbox’s attempt on offering as much protection as possible while concentrating on style. The packaging is as sleek as the case itself, and I co...[Read More]

Official OnePlus One slim case – Review

 Official OnePlus One slim case – Review We’ve reviewed a fair few cases and covers for a wide range of devices over the years here at Some good, some average and some damn right awful. Take a look back at our Not Great Shield review, the last case I reviewed for the OnePlus One. To be fair that wallet case retailed at £7 or so, I’d mentioned at the time that yo...[Read More]

GreatShield OnePlus One Wallet – Review

 GreatShield OnePlus One Wallet – Review   We’re taking a look at another wallet case this evening. This time from a company called GreatShield and for the Oneplus One. I’m a fan of this particular style of protection having reviewed numerous accessories like the GreatSheild for lots of different devices on DroidHorizon these last few years.  You can usually pick up various ...[Read More]

New Poll – Do you use protection? (A case or cover)

               Image via Cruzerlite New Poll – Do you use protection? (A case or cover) Here at DroidHorizon we have reviewed plenty of cases, covers, bumpers and wallets. All these offer different levels of protection and possibly something unique in design or in materials used in manufacturing. Prices vary from just a few bucks to somewhere around $40 for the better quality case. You’...[Read More]

HTC M8 Slim Armor Case – Review

HTC One (M8) Case Slim Armor – Review After the GreatShield I thought I would try a case with slightly less bulk for my M8. I went for a case from Spigen who I hadn’t heard of. The Slim Armor looks fantastic, it’s got a slightly more premium feel to it, and feels very suited to the M8. The case uses the two part method to its application. It’s double layered with a TPU case...[Read More]

Speck SmartFlex View Case Review

Film fanatics and video chatters rejoice — the SmartFlex View Galaxy S4 case with a stand is here. This sleek, protective Galaxy S4 case has a retractable stand that pops in and out with a simple snap and is perfect for both portrait and landscape viewing. It’s the Galaxy S4 case that truly stands out—SmartFlex View. The SmartFlex View is made from a soft matt rubber that is smooth to the touch, w...[Read More]

One Plus Case Chase

 One Plus Case Chase Ten days. Ten locations. Ten chances to be one of the first to own a OnePlus One. One Plus are having a treasure hunt, so to speak. Using Twitter, the company will provide clues for people to follow and you could win a One Plus One. You’ll have to follow One Plus and Cyanogen Mod on Twitter first but we’ll provide the press release below and the links you’ll ...[Read More]

Otterbox Symmetry Series Case Review

Otterbox’s new Symmetry Series Case is marketed as the style you want, the protection you need. As many of you will be aware Otterbox are famous for their heavy duty cases, such as the Commuter Series Wallet case we reviewed a few weeks ago. Now with the Symmetry series they claim you don’t have to choose between a protective case and a stylish one. Does the Symmetry case really let yo...[Read More]

Otterbox Commuter Series Wallet Case Review

We’ve reviewed quite a few wallet cases in our time, all of which have followed a very similar folding front cover with card slots design.  Otterbox have come up with a wallet case that breaks this mold, so read on to see how this version for the S4 stacks up.   Design This case comes in two parts – a rubber inner-layer and a hard polycarbonate shell.  The phone slips into the rub...[Read More]