Official LG G3 Qi Wireless Charger – Review

 Official LG G3 Qi Wireless Charger – Review   Now the standard in wireless charging, Qi chargers are becoming vastly popular. You’ll find various models with different features, designs, price and even a few we have reviewed for you. Today we are looking at the official LG G3 Qi Wireless Charger. Said charger uses the Qi standard as mentioned so works with every device that carri...[Read More]

Aukey T20 Qi Wireless Charger – Review

 Aukey T20 Qi Wireless Charger – Review   This is a guest post by a friend on Google Plus called Gary Sproston. Gary wanted to share his thoughts on the Aukey T20 wireless charger that works with all devices that have the Qi standard. We offered Gary the chance to share amongst our readers who may be interested in purchasing this particular accessory a wider audience.   I knew sinc...[Read More]

Intocircuit Power Castle – Review

 Intocircuit Power Castle – Review Usually referred to as a “power brick,” the Intocircuit Power Castle offers a high capacity, 11200 mAh battery for an emergency scenario or even as a handy solution for charging all those expensive toys we own. I’m sure everyone that reads Android based sites have a few phones, a tablet or 2 and a Bluetooth speaker of some description. All...[Read More]

Huntress Power Bank Review

The Huntress (and Hunter the higher capacity black version) is a premium quality power bank in the shape of a leather bound hip-flask. It features two standard USB ports for output , a micro USB for input and twin LED lights so that it can be used like a flash-light. Build Quality & Design As soon as you remove the Huntress from it’s packaging you realise that this isn’t just your ...[Read More]

Life-Spot – Kickstarter

Life-Spot – Kickstarter Lets face it, mobile devices are here to stay, my dad would say otherwise (he still rocks a pager). So this means we are in constant need to charge them. There’s nothing worse then when an iPhone or iPad owner comes round my living space and they need to charge their device. As an Android user, i’m not going to be able to help. The same goes for a working ...[Read More]

TYLT Band Car Charger Review

Charging your phone in the car can provide a welcome boost to your battery level, and is absolutely essential if you use your phone for GPS navigation.  However not all chargers are the same – with plenty of cheap, low-quality versions offering a low charge rate while looking untidy at the front of your car.  The TYLT Band aims to change all this by adding a bit of quality and tangle-free st...[Read More]

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