Charging Solutions

Review: TechElec’s Nylon Braided USB cables

For the last few weeks, I’ve been using some USB cables provided by TechElec. The ones I received were a coppery, (dare I say) rose gold in color at the points of connection, and more of a traditional gold for the cable proper. I was able to test out both lengths that they make available, 3 feet/1 meter, and 6 feet 2 meter.   These cables are rated at 2.4 amps, for charging. In this cas...[Read More]

Evoke Solar Charger from Xtorm Review

Evoke Solar Charger from Xtorm Review With the boom of Pokemon Go, I can see a rise in external battery pack sales. But I think solar chargers are the better choice, being able to charge on the fly as long as you have sunlight, is great for when you are on the move outside. Though most tend to be small, the Evoke Solar Charger from Xtrom breaks the mold. Using a “clam” style mechanism,...[Read More]

ENERGI Charging Station from TYLT Review

ENERGI Charging Station from TYLT Review TYLT are a juggernaut in the charging and tech game. Every year they release products which get great reviews and they keep coming up with innovative ideas. The ENERGI charging station was put onto Indiegogo for a small goal of only $30,000, they surpassed this by miles clocking in just over $100,000. Over the years we have seen a plethora of desktop chargi...[Read More]