Review: TYLT VU SOLO Qi charger

Review: TYLT VU SOLO Qi charger As I should be getting my S6 Edge anytime now, a new world of wireless charging has opened up for me. As a HTC user, I was always jealous that I couldn’t get my hands on some of these great products. I was amazed by the vast range of chargers you can get from any number of manufacturers in every shape, size, style and quality level. But in this never ending su...[Read More]

Hub It Sync & Charge Station Review

Smartphones, tablets, portable games consoles, Bluetooth accessories and now even Smartwatches. We love our gadgets but their increasingly large batteries need to get charged, and charged quickly. Chargers and cables tripping you up and hanging around looking untidy? There’s gotta be a better way while we wait for wireless charging to really take off.     Eggtronic are addressing this pr...[Read More]

TYLT Band Car Charger Review

Charging your phone in the car can provide a welcome boost to your battery level, and is absolutely essential if you use your phone for GPS navigation.  However not all chargers are the same – with plenty of cheap, low-quality versions offering a low charge rate while looking untidy at the front of your car.  The TYLT Band aims to change all this by adding a bit of quality and tangle-free st...[Read More]

Nexus4 Charging Orb available in the US

 Sure is pretty…. The Nexus4 was released in December and one if it’s main selling features was the wireless charging capabilities. We all are fully aware of the stock fiasco for the phone and official bumper but it now looks like supply is meeting demand, hopefully not too late, and the orb can be ordered if you’re in the US now, with a week shipping. No idea about other countri...[Read More]

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