Review: Anker Nebula Capsule II Smart Mini DLP Projector

Mini projector technology has been steadily advancing and now provides a viable alternative to a big-screen TV. Today we’re taking a look at Anker’s upgrade to the ultra-portable Nebula Capsule. The can-shaped Nebula Capsule II now runs a stock version of the full-blown Android TV operating system and adds some killer features such as 200 ANSI Lumen brightness, auto-focus and auto-keys...[Read More]

Chromecast. Check for offers

The Chromecast application got an update this afternoon, UK time. Under further investigation an eagle eyed friend Ashley told me he had received £5 Google Play Store credit to spend on rented movies. (See the main picture above.) The option should be available for everyone that has the latest software version of the Chromecast app. We’ll give you the steps you’ll need to take to see i...[Read More]

CastPad for Chromecast – Review

 CastPad for Chromecast – Review CastPad lets you draw on your phone and see it show up instantly on your TV and all other devices connected to the Chromecast. First off I’d like to excuse my poor handwriting, drawing or writing on a glass screen is awkward without a stylus. Well it is for me anyway. Now that’s out of the way, I’d like to introduce to our readers CastPad fo...[Read More]

Gaming Cast – Review for Chromecast.

 Gaming Cast – Review for Chromecast. The first mobile gaming console using ChromeCast! Play retro games on your TV screen with your mobile device as the controller.   Have a look at the future of Android gaming on Chromecast, by playing these popular games from the past.  Not exactly the high-end games that’ll stretch your hardware to the limits but I’d be sure that’s the ...[Read More]

Battle For Your Living Room: Chromecast vs Android Mini-PC

Back in July, Google announced the Chromecast – a $35 HDMI dongle that connects to your TV and plays media from the cloud over WiFi.  However there is another inexpensive category of dongle – the Android Mini PC – that promises not only to play your media, but run your Android apps and games just like your phone or tablet. Being UK based, neither option was readily available to m...[Read More]