Digital Options Worth Exploring for Your Business

Different businesses operate within whatever means they believe work for them, and that might differ based on whichever field you’re in, as well as how you personally approach entrepreneurship. You might have your own beliefs regarding what the best approaches and tactics are, but it’s worth opening your mind to what else is available. After all, broadening your perspective toward new options can ...[Read More]

How to Move Your IT Business Operations to the Cloud

Have you recently been hearing all the hype about cloud computing and cloud storage from other businesses in your field? Maybe you have recently converted a large portion of your operations online and are looking for a more efficient way to manage it? Perhaps you are just getting started in the online business market and want to begin your journey in the right direction? If any of this sounds like...[Read More]

Kingston HyperX Cloud II

Kingston, the manufacturer of storage devices, came out with a shocking headset last year when they announced their new product HyperX Cloud. It was a good headset considering the background of the company, which is not audio-related at all. After the release quite soon the next-generation Cloud II headset was announced as well. The new headphone brings everything good from the previous version an...[Read More]

Do You Really Need A Cloud Phone Number For Your Business?

A cloud-based phone number for your business is something that you should consider if you plan on utilising today’s technology to have an easier time making your business thrive. While the concept is amazing, you might still want to think about some benefits and drawbacks of having a cloud phone number for your business. This will ensure you have all the necessary information to make the best deci...[Read More]

Litera Teams with Google Cloud to Bring Professional Document Comparison to G Suite

Google is enhancing G Suite with new capabilities for the Legal Industry       Litera Corp, a global leader in document lifecycle solutions, has collaborated with Google Cloud’s Suite product team to introduce Change-Pro’s professional document comparison technology into G Suite. This is part of an initiative to enhance G Suite for professionals in the legal industry.For...[Read More]

Liquid Sky, the desktop in your pocket

A long, long time and many moons ago a cloud gaming service launched called On-Live. It promised to bring PC gaming directly to your Android device and for a little while the community and blogs all thought it was the bee’s knees. Sadly it proved to be an unsustainable business model and the company was sold to Sony and effectively died. You might find it strange then, that a another company is at...[Read More]

Write in the Cloud, App Review

Write in the cloud is a convenient place to write things down that you need to remember. It’s that very basic sheet of paper that you reach out for when you need to write something down to look up later.  Write in the cloud stores all your files safely in the cloud. It is based on very simple .txt files so you can also edit them using every other editor you like – no special apps requi...[Read More]

[App] Music Remote – Control Your Stereo With Your Android Device

One of the great things about Android is the ever evolving, open, and increasingly easy ways to connect everything we use on a daily basis. This has become a major selling point for the platform, and there are so many apps that lend to this. Some apps shine and actually make our lives a bit simpler; the way it should be.  For example, have you ever wished you could use your Android device as a rem...[Read More]