Review: Ember Mug² – Temperature Controlled Beverages

Ember Mug² lets you enjoy your favourite hot drink at a constant temperature that you can control from a smartphone app. While Ember’s range includes 14 oz and travel versions, we’ve been enjoying our cuppa from the 10oz (295ml) size. This model comes in a choice of black, white or special edition copper colours. Inside the box you get the mug, saucer, power adapter and a getting start...[Read More]

Pre-Order Your Coffee At Costa Collect

Costa Coffee, has introduced a new innovation for Coffee Club members with the launch of Costa Collect – a service allowing customers to pre-order their favourite drink through their Costa Coffee Club loyalty programme app, before collecting at their selected store. The introduction of the service is an enhancement to the current Costa Coffee Club loyalty programme app. Initially launching across ...[Read More]

It’s American Press Review

I’m a little obsessed with coffee. Most mornings start with a flat white from an amazing local coffee bar, but at home I’ve always just settled for instant. Sure, the French press has been tried – a few times – but the coffee just isn’t that good and I wind up abandoning the experiment. You know exactly what I mean too; that sediment-y, sludgy taste that is bitter in all the wron...[Read More]

Hydro Flask Coffee and Food Flask Review

Hydro Flask Coffee and Food Flask Review I am a big coffee drinker, and have a couple of thermoses for drinking coffee as I go, but these tend to leak or lose heat too quickly. I also tend to like to bring lunch in from home and at the moment use old takeaway plastic boxes. So I approached Hydro Flask who offer solutions to both my problems. Every Hydro Flask uses double-walled vacuum insulation, ...[Read More]

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker Review

HyperChiller Iced Coffee Maker Review I am a coffee man, I like my coffee. I especially like my coffee cold, but struggle with the best way to do it. I know you can put ice cubes in, but that waters it down. I could freeze coffee into ice cubes, but this requires forethought, which I am not known for. Enter the HyperChiller, this can sit in my freezer until I then want an ice cold coffee, and can ...[Read More]

Mister Barista Android App

Mister Barista Android App   There are two types of people in the world, the type that love good coffee and the type that don’t…. No seriously, I’m far from a fine coffee connoisseur but I do enjoy a nice cup and with Mister Barista my coffee making skills have been raised through the roof.   You’ll find all the recipes, methods and timers to make great coffee eve...[Read More]