Should College Students Use Apps to Do Their Homework?

College homework may include math problems, writing assignments, or questions in assignments like history and math. When students are juggling college with work and a social life, however, it becomes more difficult to finish everything. A good alternative is using apps. However, are these a good choice for students trying to do homework? Let’s find out.   Apps Can Be Used for Learning   ...[Read More]

Becoming An App Entrepreneur Starts At College

Although the average startup founder is 42, becoming a successful online entrepreneur should start much younger. Zuckerberg was just 20 when he started Facebook, while Dorsey was also under 30 when Twitter officially launched. College is a time to experiment, make mistakes, and really find your true passion. It is also a chance to start building something that will be monetizable when you leave. O...[Read More]

60 Second App Review – Aha! Physics

Price – Free Ads – Yes IAP – Yes (99p to remove ads) Rating – 7/10 Science is awesome. And even better than that it’s mainstream cool as well now. So if you wan’t to be cool and awesome then do science. Aha! Physics is a physics equation app to help with learning and studying. Rather than teach the app is a reference to use during your learning and study for exa...[Read More]