Rock Jaw T5 Ultra Connect – Review

In our latest Bluetooth Headphone review, we’re going to take a look at the latest model from Rock Jaw called the T5 Ultra Connect. You’ll remember the brand, we’ve reviewed a few of their previous headphones which you can read here. As with all our reviews, we’ve tested the product exclusively and we’ll give you our thoughts on various aspects that are important when...[Read More]

How to Connect Mobile Phone with Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi is a very versatile device for programmers. Novice and experienced coders can take advantage of Raspberry Pi which is a highly adaptable device. Raspberry Pi is available since 2012. You can accomplish complex electronics projects as effortlessly as plain practical projects with Raspberry Pi. Raspberry Pi is known to power anything from games and toys to smart media such as TV. A Brie...[Read More]

AT&T Partner with Intel to Connect Drones to the LTE Network

In a statement released on their website, AT&T said their IoT team will be working with Intel to test the performance of the LTE network at higher altitudes.   They will be examining how it affects video streaming, transmitting and flight information. They say connecting drones to the LTE network will solve many of the challenges facing the industry, including safety and security concerns...[Read More]