60 Second App Review – Contextual App Folders

In the early days of the Android home screen, widgets were applauded and seen as wonderful things. As time has passed the fashion for multiple home screens dressed out with every kind of widget has waned to the point on a lot of handsets you will be lucky to see a clock widget on its own. So to produce an app that is only a widget might seems a little odd but that’s what C.A.F. (contextual a...[Read More]

Zooper Widget

One of the best things android has is it’s limits, which as most android users know is your imagination, customization is a huge factor with every single android device from very cheap entry levels to high end break your bank phones. But customization is a vague word in the android community, this can be just simply changing your wallpaper, however it does go a lot deeper, to the core in fac...[Read More]

Over – Android App

 Over – Android App Over is the app for adding text and artwork to your photos. Designed with mobile creatives in mind, Over features standard and custom-made fonts and well-crafted artwork combined with a sleek design, easy-to-use functionality, and immediate sharing ability. Everyone loves those motivational posts that you find on Instagram or Facebook. You know the type. A foggy mountain ...[Read More]

OYM Open Your Mind

 OYM Open Your Mind  The joys of owning mobile phones and high-end devices in general now are those big, bright and fantastic high resolution screens. Some people want theirs to stand out from the rest and possibly have something that nobody else has. I can relate very closely with the last comment. In resent times I’ve been trying my hand at making my own custom wallpapers and adding some c...[Read More]

KooGoo Icon Pack & Mini Interview

 KooGoo Icon Pack & Mini Interview Taking a break from our usual application, game and accessory reviews, we thought it would be fun to share an icon pack from djskarpia AKA Andrea Corvi. This particular set is called KooGoo, such an unusual name but read on to find out where that came from. Features include.. 1500+ HD Icons 88  Cloud wallpapers – for tablets i suggest you to download th...[Read More]

wlpapR – Review

 wlpapR – Review It is known around the internetz and my personal Google Plus page that I enjoy customising home screens with killer icon packs and unique wallpapers. I’d like to introduce the readers of DroidHorizon to my new favourite wallpaper application called wlpapR. The designer behind this is well known in the customising circles and has released various icon packs on Google Pl...[Read More]

Quadro (Icon Pack) – Review

Today we’re going to take a little look at another icon pack that caught our attention. Brought to you by the designer behind Cyrcle and Stock UI, djskarpia. Quadro icon pack features over 1200 bright square icons with light round corners and a soft splash texture. This icon pack will look fantastic on everybody’s home screens.  Nearly all applications are themed in my app drawer, the ...[Read More]

FreshCoat – Review (Android Wallpaper App)

FreshCoat – Review (Android Wallpaper App) Give your phone or tablet a FreshCoat of pixels with a custom wallpaper! Set you background as a solid color or choose from a list of effects to add to your color. See any colors around you that you love? Use FreshCoat to set colors from the real world as your devices background!   FreshCoat lets you customise solid colours, generate effects and mak...[Read More]

Flatro (Icon Pack) – Review

Flatro (Icon Pack) – Review;   We decided a few weeks ago that we were going to start sharing icon packs and widgets we enjoy using. We’ll also share wallpaper apps, Zooper Widgets possibly UCCW and so on. It has been known that I like to spam my social streams with screenshot spam, so I thought, why not share on our site too. Maybe others like making great home screen designs and...[Read More]

Tha Phlash, XDA Tha Mix Bundle *Screenshot challenge*

It’s been said that Tha Phlash has been sent here from outer space to design the greatest icons and share them with us mere mortals. A massive friend of the site and me personally. He has launched a competition on XDA to design some awesome home screens with a ‘music’ theme and win tha ultimate giveaway Mix Bundle icon pack. The rules are…. Its simple, show me a stellar scr...[Read More]