Best Practices for Network Protocol Design

Computers talk to each other using special rules called “Network protocol.” These rules tell them how to send and receive information from each other. While designing network protocols, you keep some important practices in view. Here, we will discuss some best practices for network protocol design. Let’s have a look:  Ensure Simplicity and Clarity The first and most important practice for network ...[Read More]

The Best Apps for Interior Design

With all the apps currently available, DIY has never been more appealing. Indeed, these days the burning question on everyone’s lips isn’t so much “Which paint colour should I use?” or “Pine, oak or MDF?” but “Which decorating app should I download to help me in my never-ending quest for aesthetic perfection in the home?” Well don’t fret over this one as we’ve got a few top choices for you to cons...[Read More]

VRS Design Unveils The Samsung Galaxy S8 And S8 Plus Case Collection

VRS Design, a leader in design of fashion-forward premium smartphone cases and accessories, unveiled today the latest case collection for the Samsung Galaxy S®8 and S®8 Plus.   Designed from a fashion standpoint, worn as an accessory and made for the contemporary individual, the new twelve model case collection features four stylish, functional and all-around protection cases: Crystal Bumper,...[Read More]

Flashlight from Apalon Apps

Drawing on the best practices of material design concept this development company have made a simple and intuitive flashlight app which is not only powerful and lightweight but simple enough to become the crowning glory for your device!   Apalon Apps Apalon is a leading mobile development company with one of the largest and most popular app portfolios in the world. There are few things as han...[Read More]

Coalfield – CM12 Theme

Coalfield – CM12 Theme   Truth be told, we don’t often write articles about icon packs or CyanogenMod 12 themes. If something as awesome as Coalfield comes along, we’re more than happy to share it with our readers. There’s so much style and attention to the fine details with this particular theme that any potential buyers will certainly be pleased. The colour palette a...[Read More]

wall:splash Android App

 wall:splash Android App   Everyone loves stylish and high quality wallpapers on their devices. Everyone loves Material Design #PraiseDuarte #amirite. wall:splash offers these two things in a lightweight and fantastic to look at package that I’m sure everyone will agree with. Built to the new standard Google recommend, users will certainly find a wallpaper to suit which ever theme or st...[Read More]

Google News And Weather Re-Launch

 Image via SlashGear Google News And Weather Re-Launch   The forgotten app that we all used at a time has gotten a material makeover and re-launched today. Google News And Weather is likely installed on everyone’s device but has just sat there unloved and un-opened in a very long time. If I’m honest I can’t remember the last time Genie Widget was updated but I’m going ...[Read More]

Wally – App Review

 Wally – App Review   Utilizing Google’s Material Design principals, Wally is meant to give you a perfectly fluid user flow with subtle animations and bright colours. For me, I really do think that’s the case. Yes there are one thousand and one wallpaper apps already available on Google Play but, I’ve yet to find another built so beautiful in design. As a writer, user and a ...[Read More]

Spiderfly Studios Promo Code

 Spiderfly Studios Promo Code   We’ve teamed up with the guys over at Spiderfly Studios to offer our readers and followers a discount on the next purchase from their site and service. The promo will run indefinitely and is open to anyone that even stumbles upon it really. Use the code DH831 at checkout to gain the discount and everyone is happy… If you aren’t aware of what k...[Read More]