Review: HTC Desire 626

      Review: HTC Desire 626 In our latest review, we give our thoughts and opinions on the just announced HTC Desire 626. We are lucky enough to be sent a pre-release sample of the device from the manufacturer and we’ll share our experiences with readers who may be interested in buying the device. In our usual manner, we’ll break things down into the key areas that we t...[Read More]

HTC Double Exposure

HTC just wrapped up their Double Exposure event in which they released the new HTC Desire Eye and the HTC RE. The HTC Desire Eye is based on the HTC one without the nice case but comes with dual 13mp camera and an IP rating. I really cant see many people trading in the HTC one for the HTC Desire Eye but people just about to upgrade might pick it over the Sony Z3 its closest competitor for underwat...[Read More]