SanDisk Dual USB Drive – Review

SanDisk Dual USB Drive – Review   SanDisk have a sale on their Amazon store across most of their products. I used this opportunity to pick up a 64GB Dual USB Drive as two out of my three main devices are limited to 16GB. After the operating system and a few apps this doesn’t leave much room for films or photos. Recording a HD video would eat up that space very quickly. I cannot ev...[Read More]

Google Keep

For the last couple of years, I’ve been using 2 different apps to create & store my notes.  In Android, it’s Gnotes.  In Chrome, it’s Scratchpad.  Gnotes syncs with my Google account. The notes can appear in 3 places: The app, the web app, and in Gmail within a folder called Notes. The Scratchpad Chrome app is a bit different. Notes made here appear in Drive, which is where t...[Read More]