Review: Eachine E58 720p WiFi Quadcopter Drone

Along with their huge fun factor, drones allow the capture of aerial footage that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. For under $60 the Eachine E58 is an attractive little budget quadcopter with integrated 720p camera (a 1080p option is also available). Along with the mini-drone you get an instruction booklet, wireless controller, Micro USB charging cable, 2 spare 3.7V LiPo 500mAh batterie...[Read More]

How to get the cheapest drone ever on DrakeMall?

How to get the cheapest drone ever on DrakeMall? In your student life, you might use to wait eagerly to get your favorite product as a gift on your birthday or on Thanksgiving or Christmas. Later when you enter the professional life and the responsibilities surround you, working extremely hard round-the-clock is the only option to make some extra bucks to spend on your desires. What if you somebod...[Read More]

5 Things To Consider When Buying Your First Drone

Are you thinking to purchase a drone? This is the right place for you. The exciting experiences of owning a drone depends on your ability to choose the right drone. Buying a drone is not an easy task especially with the many and different models of drones in the market today. You need to be well informed on the best product that fits your needs and budget. Not all drones’ specifications are viable...[Read More]

Eachine E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone: Features and Specs

Nowadays, there are more and more models of drones available on the market. Because of this, you need to read several reviews to see which one has the features that interest you. Also, you need to find the reason for why you need a drone. There are drones specialized for photography and others for air stunts. In this article we are going to present the Eachine E010 Mini UFO quadcopter drone. This ...[Read More]

Top 3 Tips When Choosing a Drone or an RC Helicopter

The flying toys of nowadays are a thriving industry, mainly because they bring so much joy to both children and adults. But it’s not just the fun part that makes them so voguish: they are also useful in many situations, even educational ones. Drones have become a hit of the present, but there are still many devotees of the classic flying machines – RC airplanes and RC helicopters. The manufa...[Read More]

Lexar Professional 1800x 64GB UHS-II microSDXC Memory Card Review

Lexar Professional 1800x 64GB UHS-II microSDXC Memory Card Review With 4K showing no sign of slowing down, Lexar have decided to develop a new microSDXC that can reach 1800x or 270 MB/s. This is part of their professional line up which has always been a sign of professionalism and craftsmanship. We are looking at a 63Gb model, yet it is also available in 32 or 128Gb sizes. The UHS-II means that th...[Read More]

Review: Micro Drone 3.0

In our latest lifestyle product review, we take a look at the Micro Drone 3.0   Drones come in all shapes and sizes with varying price tags to match. We’ve reviewed a few different models on DroidHorizon too if you’d like to have a look here. I’ll be honest from the start, I’m no expert flyer although I have owned and used a different type of drone for a year or so. Th...[Read More]

Review: Arshiner JJRC H20 RC Hexacopter

While this isn’t the first mini-drone we’ve reviewed at Droid Horizon, as it costs around $20 (£15) the JJRC H20 RC “Hexacopter” is probably the cheapest. At this low price can it really be any good? Accompanying this tiny drone inside the cardboard box you get an instruction leaflet, plastic shelled wireless controller, a yellow USB charging cable, a small screwdriver and 6 spare propeller blades...[Read More]

MOTA JETJAT Nano-C drone Review

MOTA JETJAT Nano-C drone Review I do love a drone. But I am a massive fan of the nano drones, so I was happy to be sent the new JetJat Nano-C Drone from MOTA. Coming in at less then one square inch this little guy can move with the best of them, but you do have to make sure you don’t crash it in your glass of water! Onced charged with the including USB charging cable, I was able to get aroun...[Read More]

Alpha Drone Review

Alpha Drone Review My first Drone review! I haven’t really had a chance to play with any drones before, as none of my friends think they’re cool. But I do, and after playing with the Alpha Drone from kaiserbaas.com, I am now firmly in the Drones are cool camp. I will admit first unboxing experience wasn’t great, to keep the cost and weight low the drone is made of a flimsy feelin...[Read More]