Best Drones for Teenagers

  Drones are great tech gadgets and there are a lot of different models available on the market today. While expensive, professional grade drones have been popular in the past, more affordable hobby drones are becoming increasingly more popular for consumers. One great thing about these less expensive hobby drones is that they can be used by younger pilots, like teenagers. Drones are easy to ...[Read More]

Review: Eachine E58 720p WiFi Quadcopter Drone

Along with their huge fun factor, drones allow the capture of aerial footage that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive. For under $60 the Eachine E58 is an attractive little budget quadcopter with integrated 720p camera (a 1080p option is also available). Along with the mini-drone you get an instruction booklet, wireless controller, Micro USB charging cable, 2 spare 3.7V LiPo 500mAh batterie...[Read More]

10 Tips for Safely Flying Indoor Drones

  With drones becoming more and more popular today, a wide variety of people are taking up flying them as a hobby. Depending on what your resources are, as well as your purpose, you can operate them either outdoors or indoors. The latter comes with its own specific set of risks and challenges that need to be surpassed or avoided altogether.  Indoor Drone Flying Safety Tips   With the rig...[Read More]

Review: Arshiner JJRC H20 RC Hexacopter

While this isn’t the first mini-drone we’ve reviewed at Droid Horizon, as it costs around $20 (£15) the JJRC H20 RC “Hexacopter” is probably the cheapest. At this low price can it really be any good? Accompanying this tiny drone inside the cardboard box you get an instruction leaflet, plastic shelled wireless controller, a yellow USB charging cable, a small screwdriver and 6 spare propeller blades...[Read More]

Tree Planting: Drones Could One Day Reduce Greenhouse Gases

Whether you see drones as a technological innovation or a public nuisance, one thing is for certain – drones aren’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon. And while it’s true that the debate linking these airborne robots with our shrinking civil liberties rages on, there’s no denying that drones have the potential to be used for the betterment of all mankind. In fact, a British company has already st...[Read More]

AT&T Partner with Intel to Connect Drones to the LTE Network

In a statement released on their website, AT&T said their IoT team will be working with Intel to test the performance of the LTE network at higher altitudes.   They will be examining how it affects video streaming, transmitting and flight information. They say connecting drones to the LTE network will solve many of the challenges facing the industry, including safety and security concerns...[Read More]