Review: Promate Charger Trio 3-in-1 Dual USB 3.4A Car Charger

In our latest charging solution review, we’re taking a look at the Trio 3-in-1 Dual USB 3.4A Car Charger from Promate.   The best consumer accessories are those that make your day-to-day grind that little bit more¬†convenient. Something that is easy to use, is reasonably priced and does what you expect from it is what I wanted when the guys from Mobile Fun sent me the Promate 3-in-1. I n...[Read More]

Zens Dual Charger – Review

Zens Dual Charger – Review The Qi technology standard has been around for a fair few years now (2008/9), but as with almost all new standards it has been relatively slow to filter out into the general population. As such the adoption of wireless base stations has been relatively muted throughout most of the western world, but with more and more manufacturers integrating the technology into t...[Read More]

SanDisk Dual USB Drive – Review

SanDisk Dual USB Drive – Review   SanDisk have a sale on their Amazon store across most of their products. I used this opportunity to pick up a 64GB Dual USB Drive as two out of my three main devices are limited to 16GB. After the operating system and a few apps this doesn’t leave much room for films or photos. Recording a HD video would eat up that space very quickly. I cannot ev...[Read More]

Intocircuit Power Castle – Review

¬†Intocircuit Power Castle – Review Usually referred to as a “power brick,” the Intocircuit Power Castle offers a high capacity, 11200 mAh battery for an emergency scenario or even as a handy solution for charging all those expensive toys we own. I’m sure everyone that reads Android based sites have a few phones, a tablet or 2 and a Bluetooth speaker of some description. All...[Read More]