ZealSound HDE-100 In-ear Noise-isolating Wood Headphones

I spend the whole of my work day with headphones on listening to music. Specifically, the Motorola S-10HD bluetooth headphones. So I thought these ZealSound HDE-100 in-ear wood headphones would be a nice change to see how they perform in comparison. Right off the top, these the ZealSound HDE-100 headphones have great sound. The clarity of sound is crisp and clean and delivers quality. Granted, I&#...[Read More]

Review: Groov-e Sport Buds

Review: Groov-e Sport Buds We’ve reviewed lots of ear phones over the last few years here at DroidHorizon. All at different price brackets from Sennheiser’s famous Momentum range to… Shall we say, “less good.” Although which is usually the case with technology accessories, you really do get what you pay for. You’ll find corners have been cut to keep price down and mat...[Read More]

Review: Acorn’s E1 and E2 Wooden Earphones

Review: Acorn’s E1 and E2 Wooden Earphones What can be better then a pair of solid wooden earphones? Two pairs of solid wooden earphones! UK based company Acorn Media were kind enough to send me both their E1 and E2 earphones. The E1 was there first release and gained them a lot of business and recognition. This then allowed them them redefine the process, and change the design a bit, to rel...[Read More]

Review: Lindy IEM-50X

Review: Lindy IEM-50X   The in-ear headphone market is swamped just now. There’s likely thousands of different products available for people to buy. Prices start from as little as under 10 bucks going straight up to a couple of hundred. Our own Accessories section  has loads of various options already, but, I think we have something here that’s a little bit different with the Lind...[Read More]

Review: JLab NEON JBuds

Review: JLab NEON Earbuds Who doesn’t enjoy their sporting activities more when they have a rocking playlist to improve their time on the slopes/up a mountain/in the skies? JLabs agreed with this idea and so offered me their JLab NEON JBuds to review. Design-wise, they’ve hit the metaphorical jackpot. With a choice of five colour combinations, with the earbud one colour and the cable the oth...[Read More]

Review: SteelSeries Siberia V3

Review: SteelSeries Siberia V3 This is my first time with anything from SteelSeries, and the Siberia V3 is truly impressive. I am a massive fan of the over-ear design, the cups are joined together by a floating headband and two lightweight structural bands. The idea for this overall design, is to rest of around the head, and not have to be adjusted. Though this design is great for anyone with a no...[Read More]