How sports betting has evolved with technology

Sports betting is the oldest known form of gambling on the planet. In the early days, it was was a simple pastime activity, now it’s a multi-billion dollar business.   The first recorded betting events ever to be held in history were in the time of the Greek city states more than two thousand years ago. The Greeks were known as true sports lovers, and events like the Olympic, Corinthian...[Read More]

In Car Wifi Technology

The internet is still relatively new, but few people could ever imagine surviving without it. We are now connected to an unlimited source of information wherever we go. Smartphones all have sim cards which allow internet access wherever they have signal, but not all tablets do. As tablets are popular with kids, keeping them connected while on long journeys in the car is a top priority for many par...[Read More]

One in 25 young adults admit to having crashed their car while using their phone.

One in 25 young adults have crashed their car while checking social media apps on their smartphone, a new study reveals. The latest research indicates our lives, as well as our happiness, can be put at risk as our obsession with handheld devices grows. A third (29%) of Brits aged between 18 and 35 have admitted walking into someone or something when they have been monitoring social media apps on t...[Read More]

(Editorial) why Google’s attempt to migrate Gmail users to Inbox concerns me

Google is no stranger to email. Gmail is one of the most widely used email services on the web, and has been for several years. Google is also no stranger to tinkering with things, whether it’s self driving cars, social networks, or sending a Nexus phone into space, they’re not afraid to yet something new. Their most recent experiment has been with email, known as Inbox, which was firs...[Read More]

The vision for an Android-powered Internet of Things gets one step closer

The vision for an Android-powered Internet of Things gets one step closer   The Internet of Things (IoT) is ready to open up a world of possibilities through connecting people, devices and cities; yet the underlying technology and platforms which thread it all together is still up in the air. This isn’t to mention the well-trodden debate over standardisation, which continues apace. Elaine Coo...[Read More]

Editorial: Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Screen protectors aren’t as important as they used to be thanks to the advances in Gorilla Glass over the past few years. While they do give peace of mind, you may have given up on them after trying the plastic variety which are hard to fit without any air bubbles and just don’t feel as good as glass. Over the last couple of years the tempered glass variety have become more common. Last year when ...[Read More]

Sony Press Party – Editorial

Sony Press Party – Editorial     On Thursday 25th September the Sony Xperia team held a press launch for the new Z3 line at the Aqua Nueva in Regent Street, London, a stone’s throw from Oxford Circus Station. The venue was an excellent choice to reflect the premium nature of the Z3 range: as you entered you were greated by a choice of 5 different cocktails, although because the gla...[Read More]

Apps World San Francisco 2014 (Sponsored Article)

Four big Android viewpoints to look forward to at Apps World North America With Apps World North America just over two weeks away on February 5-6, there’s plenty of content to look forward to for anyone in the apps ecosystem, from developers, to OEMs and industry professionals alike. For every 10 smartphones shipped globally, eight will be running Android – it’s no surprise therefore the Droid Wor...[Read More]

App Permissions & Fake Apps

  A friend of the site contacted me yesterday regarding some fake games and applications he found on Google Play. After looking for myself, I found them to be blatant copies of original titles with some very very strange App Permissions. I’m going to share the proper game then the fake. I’ll not provide any links for our readers to download, just in-case.       The ...[Read More]

Google Play, commenting and feedback – Editorial

Google Play, commenting and feedback I’ll be honest, I’m not sure why but I very rarely leave reviews on Google Play. I honestly don’t know why but from today, I will be more keen to. I’m sure most Google Plus users have seen which apps/games/icon packs, I’ve plused. I usually just do this after I download whatever it is I’m looking for but if it turns out not t...[Read More]

The apps we can’t live without… – Series (Dave)

  The apps we can’t live without Ok, most of the team have posted their apps, so I guess it’s my turn. These apps are essential to me, but may vary drastically to what those of you reading this have installed or consider essential, that’s just one of the great things about Android…choice, and customizing your device to your needs. So, in no particular order…   &nb...[Read More]

The apps we can’t live without… – Series, (Ste)

  The apps we can’t live without   We thought it would be cool to share which applications we can’t live without when we get a new device. Or setting up after wiping or factory resetting. (Such are the joys of crackflashing.) This will be a short series in which all the team members tell us what and why they just can’t live without them. It might be fun to correspond between ...[Read More]