DroidHorizon’s Samsung Galaxy S4 – Review

  Samsung Galaxy S4 – Review     We’ve had the brand new Samsung Galaxy S4 these last few weeks and we’re now going to share our thoughts on Samsung’s latest and greatest high-end smartphone. We’ll be breaking things up in to segments, so things don’t get too boring for you and we’ll try to keep things simple and from an end user’s viewpoint. Th...[Read More]

Google Play Game Services. Some thoughts.

I hadn’t really meant to write an editorial but felt the need to share my thoughts on the new service Google rolled out recently. I’m checking every title now to see if it has real-time multiplayer, leaderboards, achievements and cloud saves.  As I check, I see more and more adding the new features, which is awesome. We haven’t really seen many killer real-time multiplayer games ...[Read More]

HTC One after a week of heavy use

There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of reviews of the HTC One on the web – but that’s not what you’re looking at here. What I’m hoping to do is give those of you who are on the fence about the HTC One a shove in one direction or another. So, what were my concerns BEFORE I bought my HTC One? Will the battery be good enough? This was the main reason I sold my Nexus 4. I ...[Read More]