Storage Expansion: 5 Things That You Surely Would Love to Know

One of the messages we receive that is considered to be one of the most devastating is that displayed by a phone, laptop or tablet that you don’t have enough storage left. It bears with it such a crippling feeling especially if it happens while you’re traveling because then you find yourself standing in front of the Eiffel tower, for instance, then try to take a picture only to remember that...[Read More]

Smart Home Market: Industry Expansion Directly Related to Rising Internet Penetration Worldwide

As per Transparency Market Research (TMR), the degree of competition witnessed in the smart home market will remain medium in the long term. A new study by TMR, have held the concentration of industries in the global smart home market responsible for the prevailing competitive forces. While it makes consolidation of shares a challenge for the manufacturers, it definitely does not shy them away fro...[Read More]

Anki Overdrive Expansion Packs Review

Anki Overdrive Expansion Packs Review I reviewed the Anki Overdrive a while back here, but wanted to catch up on the modular capabilities of this game, by trying out some of the expansion packs they sell. They do a variety of packs and bundles, the bundles can range from £129 for a 7 piece kit, to £379 for a 24 piece kit. I checked out some of the smaller kits which start from £19.99, the collisio...[Read More]

AccuWeather Continues Significant Global Expansion

“Audiences worldwide choose AccuWeather for exclusive breaking weather information and updates with Superior Accuracy to improve their lives.”   The global leader in weather information and digital media, today announced that nearly two thirds of its growing digital population is based outside of the United States, reflecting its global leadership as the most trusted source for fo...[Read More]